Lakeside Hostess Stations

Initially, appearance is everything. When a customer first walks into your establishment, what it looks like is all they have to go by to form an opinion. The stands and tables you outfit your restaurant or establishment with can make or break a customer’s first impression. That is why it is important to organize your hostess area with a hostess station. Lakeside has a great selection of commercial hostess stations, and we are happy to carry a wide variety of them for you to choose from.

Lakeside has been designing and manufacturing mobile food solutions for the foodservice and healthcare industries for over 60 years. The company has always been hugely focused on the end-user's needs. You truly cannot go wrong with the right Lakeside commercial hostess station.

Here in our Lakeside Hostess Stations section, you can find popular pieces of equipment like the mobile, stainless steel Lakeside Manufacturing2600 Tray Starter Station; the mobile, stainless steel Lakeside Manufacturing4610 Bussing Station; and the mobile, wood veneer Lakeside ManufacturingManufacturing 73565 Mobile Wait Stand-Blonde.

At CKitchen, we are committed to always delivering quality customer service and top performing products to each and every one of our customers. Shop our selection of Lakeside Hostess Stations to ensure the appearance of your establishment is kept up, and to deliver the very best first impression to your customers as they walk in to your location. We are sure that you will not be disappointed with the all of the commercial hostess stations found here in our Lakeside Hostess Stations.

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  • SKU # 2600
  • FINANCE FOR: $37.52/mo.

  • SKU # 2610
  • FINANCE FOR: $71.90/mo.

  • SKU # 4605
  • FINANCE FOR: $77.07/mo.

  • SKU # 4608
  • FINANCE FOR: $86.02/mo.

  • SKU # 4610
  • FINANCE FOR: $75.62/mo.

  • SKU # 4612
  • FINANCE FOR: $85.20/mo.

  • SKU # 4615
  • FINANCE FOR: $88.21/mo.

  • SKU # 4618
  • FINANCE FOR: $96.96/mo.

  • SKU # 73550

  • SKU # 73565
  • FINANCE FOR: $37.34/mo.

  • SKU # 79992
  • FINANCE FOR: $96.71/mo.

  • SKU # 79994
  • FINANCE FOR: $85.95/mo.

  • SKU # DCD-2612
  • FINANCE FOR: $55.23/mo.



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