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Marsal Pizza Ovens

Commercial Pizza-Making Reimagined

Commercial Pizza-Making Reimagined

A true visionary in the pizza industry, Marsal pioneered some of the most sought after pizza-cooking technologies in the industry today, raising the bar for the ultimate pizza experience. Marsal offers a line of countertop and deck-type pizza ovens engineered to save labor and speed up the baking process for all scales of operations. Bursting with exclusive innovative features and industrial design qualities, Marsal ovens are able to deliver consistent, repeatable results.

Marsal gracefully combines form with function with pizzas that not are not only powerful, but also beautiful enough to be an attraction for your restaurant. With a variety of finishes including brick style, classic stainless steel, or “old world” style, a Marsal pizza oven can easily fit in your restaurant.

With continued innovation, Marsal tirelessly builds on its technologies to give you the means to adapt successfully to the market’s changing demands and expectations. CKitchen is proud to be a distributor of Marsal pizza ovens. Check out their products above.

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