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Perfect Fry

Commercial Frying Reimagined

Commercial Frying Reimagined

Perfect Fry is a relatively new manufacturer that has seen its popularity and appeal grow exponentially throughout the years.  Founded in 1986, the company's feature product is a unique fryer system that is capable of frying food faster, with less labor, and with less oil. Unlike standard oil fryers which use oil and a power source like electricity or gas; Perfect Fry fryers use a combination of air flow, a heat lamp and 2-3 gallons of oil to cook food. The air flow inside is critical to both the cooking process as well as ventilation. The Perfect Fry fryer is Ventless. That's right, these fryers require no hoods or ventilation systems above. You may be asking yourself "how is this possible"? The answer is in the technology inside of the Perfect Fry fryers. They all come standard with a high quality, built in, HEPA Filtration system. 

Owning one of these units can save owners on their cost of operation, increase their profits and spare them the costly renovations that are oftentimes required for the set up of traditional fryers and hood systems.

We encourage you to consider the two different models Perfect Fry offers for your business.

Let us help you make the switch to a cleaner, faster and more modern fryer system.

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