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ICE-O-Matic Ice Machines, Dispensers & Accessories

ICE-O-Matic Ice Maker Machines - Redefining Commercial Ice Making

ICE-O-Matic Ice Maker Machines - Redefining Commercial Ice Making

Trust the brand passionate about clean ice production to provide you with the right tools to do it. For decades, Ice-O-Matic has led the way in the development of advanced commercial ice-making solutions.

A foremost expert in ice-making equipment, Ice-O-Matic has a complete line of cube ice, flaked ice, and pearl ice machines with a wide range of capacities to serve all scales of operation. In its efforts to constantly innovate and respond appropriately to changing demands in the industry, Ice-O-Matic implements high manufacturing standards to achieve increased profitability and minimal environmental impact.

Loaded with exclusive smart features that streamline the monitoring, cleaning, and maintenance of the unit while preserving safety and ease of operation, Ice-O-Matic machines offer the best value for your money. If you want a long-lasting ice machine that gets the essentials right, look no further than Ice-O-Matic. You can find their products here in CKitchen.