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Air-cooled units are easy to install and use the air around it for cooling and also exhaust warm air into the surrounding space.


Water-cooled units are ideal for operating in hot climates that require dependable ice production. The open-loop system requires a large amount of water whenever it's in operation.


Remote-cooled ice machines require a line set to be routed through the building to the exterior where the condenser and compressor are housed.
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Ice-O-Matic designs its nugget ice machines with quality and innovation at the forefront. Whether you need as little as 50 to 100 lbs a day or as much as 2,000 of its famous chewable pearl ice, Ice-O-Matic has something for you. You can even get a nugget ice machine with ice and water-dispensing functionalities. 

Nugget ice makers from Ice-O-Matic come with air-cooled and remote-cooled refrigeration systems. Air-cooled models are easy to install and operate, some even Energy Star-certified. These units should work well in properly ventilated areas. Water-cooled nugget ice machines are best for locations with affordable water costs or facilities with high ambient temperatures. 

Not sure which unit to choose? CKitchen has a team of foodservice consultants you can connect with via email or call who can help you make the best purchase for your business.

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