Nugget Ice Machines

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Commercial Nugget Ice Makers

As you probably know, commercial ice machines come in several styles. One of the most popular is the commercial nugget ice machine. This type of machine is designed to make nugget ice, which is ideal for a range of unique applications. The healthcare industry is perhaps the most common industry that uses nugget ice, as this type of ice is slow-melting, softer and easier to chew for patients who have difficulty with cube ices. With that being said, a commercial nugget ice maker is also a good choice for your restaurant, bar, deli, concession stand or cafeteria. CKitchen offers the guaranteed lowest prices on these machines.

What makes ours the best nugget ice machines? Commercial manufacturers such as Scotsman and Manitowoc produce cutting-edge nugget ice machines that are teeming with high-tech features. Like regular ice machines, nugget styles come in two popular cooling options: air-cooled and water-cooled. Air-cooled nugget ice machines are generally considered the most economical and cost-effective (they don’t require extra water to run) and often achieve Energy Star certifications. With that being said, you will need some extra clearance space — typically about 6 inches surrounding the unit — to accommodate for extra components.

On the other hand, water-cooled nugget ice machines are less economical but better for certain scenarios. Specifically, water-cooled units are best for environments where the air temperature is regularly higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They may also be a better choice in commercial kitchens and other spaces with poor air circulation and a higher level of air contaminants. However, if space-saving is your goal, a water-cooled nugget ice maker is a smart choice. The team here at CKitchen is always available to help you narrow down our selection so that you get the perfect option for your space.

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