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Air-cooled units are easy to install and use the air around it for cooling and also exhaust warm air into the surrounding space.


Water-cooled units are ideal for operating in hot climates that require dependable ice production. The open-loop system requires a large amount of water whenever it's in operation.


Remote-cooled ice machines require a line set to be routed through the building to the exterior where the condenser and compressor are housed.
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The pioneer behind the “Original Chewable Ice”, Scotsman is a global name in ice-making that continues to reinvent and streamline the nugget ice making. Scotsman nugget ice machines provide a simple, convenient platform to produce clear, fresh ice perfectly sized for drinks, for shaping, and medical use whether from above the counter or underneath it or from an entirely dedicated space. With innovative features that make the process more efficient and convenient, Scotsman nugget ice machines offer the best bang for your buck. 

Countertop units not only produce nugget ice up to 600 lbs every day but also dispenses it and water. Undercounter models have a production capacity of up to 400 lbs, but they provide a slightly larger ice bin storage to better suit the application. If you want flexibility in the amount of bin storage you can get or just looking to produce nugget ice at a larger scale, modular nugget ice machines by Scotsman can deliver, with producing capacity starting at 400 lbs and going all the way to 2,000+ lbs.

CKitchen is proud to be a fully authorized distributor of Scotsman nugget ice machines. Unsure about which one to get? Our team of foodservice consultants got you covered! Send us an email or give us a call so we can help you get the perfect unit.

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