ICE-O-Matic Ice Dispensers

ICE-O-Matic Ice Dispensers is proud to offer Ice-O-Matic Ice and Water Dispensers. Ice-O-Matic’s Ice and Water Dispensers come in a variety of models to fit your needs. The Hotel Series features Turbo Dispense which dispenses 1/4 lbs (.12kg) of ice per second. They also feature Power Clean which allows access to the bin for easy cleaning without moving the ice machine. The Hotel Series Ice and Water dispenser’s feature foam insulation for maximum ice preservation without melting. The machines are constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and fingerprint - proof plastic. They are user friendly with push to dispense operation. Ice-O-Matic also has a line of Ice only or Ice and Water Dispensers known as the IOD line. They are ideal for Cube or Pearl Ice makers. They feature Direct Dispense which ensures that ice hits the glass every time. They also have Quick Stop which prevents ice overflow and waste. The IOD line has Power Clean, Auto Rotate which turns the ice for 4 seconds every hour to consistently provide more dispensable ice. Ice-O-Matic also has a model known as the GEMD270 Pearl Ice and Water Dispenser which features Rapid Recovery Time: 11.4 lbs( 5.2kg) of ice per hour . It has Touch-Free Dispense and plastic chute which can be easily removed and cleaned. The GEMD270 models features Quiet Operation which is ideal for many applications and a lighted key pad which is user friendly. Speak with one of our certified food service consultants who can assist you with purchasing the right Ice-O-Matic Dispenser for your business.

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  • SKU # IOD250
  • FINANCE FOR: $92.50/mo.

  • SKU # IOD200
  • FINANCE FOR: $77/mo.

  • SKU # IOD150
  • FINANCE FOR: $63.75/mo.

  • SKU # CD40530
  • FINANCE FOR: $67.89/mo.

  • SKU # CD40522
  • FINANCE FOR: $57.71/mo.

  • SKU # CD40130
  • FINANCE FOR: $73.31/mo.

  • SKU # CD40030
  • FINANCE FOR: $66.69/mo.

  • SKU # CD40022
  • FINANCE FOR: $57.03/mo.