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A Guide to Choosing Ice Cream Equipment

Softserve ice cream, custard, and frozen yogurt are best-sellers, but these three treats have many differences between them despite their similar goodness. With $25 billion spent annually on these treats alone, there’s certainly a market for frozen desserts.

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A Guide to Choosing Water Filters

Filtration systems block mineral deposits, scale, sediment, cysts, and other contaminants from entering the water line and equipment, preventing foul odors and chlorinated tastes in your beverages and foods. Additionally, filtration systems can extend the life of your equipment and cut down on maintenance, as machines with buildup tend to break down and suffer reductions in efficiency sooner than those who lack the buildup from unfiltered water. 

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A Guide to Choosing Ice Machines

While choosing a certain ice machine based on its ice structure output may seem secondary, in fact choosing the right type of ice can improve profits and customer satisfaction. Knowing the difference ice types and their various uses can help you choose the ideal ice maker for your business.

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Product Focus: Manitowoc Ice Machines

In our ‘Product Focus’ blog series, we’ll discuss many of the industry leaders in commercial kitchen equipment, highlighting what sets them apart from the rest! In this post, we’ll delve a little deeper into one of the leaders in ice machines: Manitowoc Ice.

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Choosing the Right Ice Machine

Shopping for a new ice machine can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re in the market for the first time. These units are critical for most food service operations, so choosing the wrong ice machine for your needs can spell disaster in the long-run.

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3 Equipment Essentials for Your Commercial Kitchen
Whether you’re opening a new commercial kitchen or renovating your existing restaurant space, starting with a well-stocked list of commercial kitchen equipment is essential to starting on the right foot! Bakeries, pizzerias, cantinas, fast food chains, and any other type of restaurant style or setup may require vastly different pieces of professional kitchen equipment, but generally there are some basics that span the categories and are suited as an essential for most any commercial kitchen.

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The Importance of Ice Scoops in Your Commercial Kitchen

When employees think of food safety, do they ever stop to consider that ice is almost like a type of ‘food’? In fact, your ice bin can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other contaminants, and many times it goes directly into your customer’s meals and beverages. The importance of using safe practice methods with your ice bin cannot be understated, and investing in a variety of scoops and tongs while keeping the bin itself well-maintained is the key to putting the freeze on contaminants in your ice bin.

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Shaved Ice for Summertime Snacks

Hot summer weather brings with it customers looking for frozen treats. Relief comes in many forms; from ice cream to frozen yogurts, many of the classics are a sure-fire hit to pleasing guests. One such frozen treat is shaved ice, and while it’s easy to make and versatile enough to create a wide variety of dessert products, the addition of an ice shaver is often overlooked. 

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john michael
small and compact...perfect for our undercounter space. very pleased with the helpful customer service and fast delivery time.
Amanda Meyers
Excellent price for this unit. Lower than many others, and works great. Works fast and steady. Very dependable.
Morgan K
One of the greatest ice machines we've had in a while. It is small, but it still works just as well, if not better, than most of what's out there. Wouldn't trade this one for the world!
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