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AMPTO Q1156 Frozen Dessert Dispenser
AMPTO Q1156 Frozen Dessert Dispenser
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Soft Serve Machines: Ice Cream Production Simplified

Soft serve ice cream is a summer favorite, but it has become a true moneymaker for all seasons, making soft serve ice machines an excellent investment. Soft serve ice cream machines are perfect for convenience stores, ice cream shops, and other foodservice establishments looking to treat their customers with a cone of creamy soft-serve ice cream or frozen yogurt.

A soft serve machine is a specialized ice machine that simplifies soft serve ice machine production. It basically does it all--it mixes, stores, churns, and dispenses soft serve ice cream. It can be as simple as pouring ice cream mix into the hoppers, where it will be maintained at a higher temperature to achieve that recognizable lighter consistency and softer texture.

Soft serve machines are available as countertop and floor models. Most units have two hoppers with dedicated barrels to dispense two flavors. There are units that can dispense a "twist" or a combination of both flavors.

Single-flavor soft serve machines can produce 3.5 gallons of soft serve ice machine per hour, which is good for 100 orders. Twist units have a 15-gallon capacity per flavor. For a large production, soft serve machines with up to 50 gallons of capacity are also available.

Soft serve machines can be gravity-fed, which means you can simply load the mix manually into the hopper, from which gravity takes over to push the mix into the cylinder. Gravity-fed soft serve machines are ideal for high-volume applications.

While the "overrun" or the quantity of air is determined primarily by your ingredients, the mode of operation can also make an impact. Overrun will determine the quality of the soft serve. If you are after something smoother, creamier, and lighter, you need higher overrun. Gravity-fed soft serve machines generally produce less overrun than its pressurized counterpart, but it is affordable, reliable, and built for high-volume settings.

On the other hand, pressurized soft serve machines can generate a higher overrun because they make use of pumps that provide better control of the air ratio.

CKitchen boasts an impressive line of soft serve machines from top brand slike Spaceman and AMPTO. These units have a stainless steel construction to hold up to heavy use and are packed with special features that ensure you always get a quality product that your customers will come back for. They have automatic microprocessor controls that offer enhanced control and more streamlined operation.

Some soft serve machines feature a touchscreen panel from which you can perform most tasks including temperature control adjustment. There are also some safety mechanisms in place to protect the unit and your product. 

If you are not sure which soft serve ice machine is best for your business, feel free to contact us, and we'll be more than happy to assist you. We are dedicated to helping you make the right purchase that suits your needs, your space, and your budget.

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