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Commercial Blenders For Food Prep and Beverage Service

Commercial blenders will always have a place in any busy foodservice operation. Beverage blenders or bar blenders are centerpieces in a bar that receives abundant orders of frozen drinks like margaritas and daiquiris. Food blenders are staples in commercial kitchens that do a lot of emulsifying and pureeing. These commercial blenders are capable of chopping up delicate ingredients and blending hot soups.

CKitchen offers a great selection of high-performance commercial blenders from some of the most trusted brands in the industry today such as Blendtec, Hamilton Beach, Vitamix, and Waring. These are well-made, high-end blenders designed for all scales of applications so you are assured all the blending power that your operation needs. They pack features that facilitate precision blending while providing you with greater control over the results.

Most units are equipped with powerful motors with variable speeds to break down and process both delicate and hard foods like frozen fruits how you want them, but the strength of the blades and the horsepower of the blender you purchase should depend on how frequently you will use the blender. Small-volume productions should be served well with a light-duty blender on their food prep line.

If you will be blending throughout the day, heavy-duty commercial blenders will have the capabilities to create blends back to back. You will also benefit from units with sound enclosures so you can minimize the noise the machine produces during use to maintain a comfortable environment for your customers and your employees.

Most commercial blenders have a solid glass jar so that you can monitor the blending progress. This provides an advantage for commercial bar blenders in front-of-house applications. There are also commercial blenders with blender jars made of stainless steel, which add a level of durability. Some bar blenders can blend directly into a cup perfect for making individual servings.

If you are looking for immersion blenders, mixers, and other food prep and beverage equipment, CKitchen has thousands of products that you can choose from and we are here to help you pick out the absolute best appliances that fit your needs, your space, and your budget.

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