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Eagle 2136V Wire Shelving

Eagle Group 2136V Wire Shelving

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Eagle Group 2136V Specifications

BrandEagle Group
Width (in)36
Depth (in)21

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Eagle Group 2136V Certifications



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Eagle Group 2136V Description

Shelf, wire, 36"W x 21"D, patented QuadTruss® design, includes (4) pairs of split sleeves per shelf, 800 lbs. capacity, VALU-MASTER® pewter gray epoxy finish, NSF

Options for Eagle Group 2136V

Eagle Group 2136V Accessories

Eagle P7-V Post P7-V
Eagle P14-V Post P14-V
Eagle P18-V Post P18-V
Eagle P33-V Post P33-V
Eagle P54-V Post P54-V
Eagle P63-V Post P63-V
Eagle P74-V Post P74-V
Eagle P86-V Post P86-V
Eagle CP7-V Post CP7-V
Eagle CP14-V Post CP14-V
Eagle CP18-V Post CP18-V
Eagle CP33-V Post CP33-V
Eagle CP54-V Post CP54-V
Eagle CP63-V Post CP63-V
Eagle CP74-V Post CP74-V
Eagle CP86-V Post CP86-V
Eagle SD21-C Shelf Divider SD21-C
Eagle SD21-E Shelf Divider SD21-E
Eagle SD21-S Shelf Divider SD21-S
Eagle SD21-V Shelf Divider SD21-V
Eagle SD21-VG Shelf Divider SD21-VG
Eagle L21-1C Ledge L21-1C
Eagle L21-1S Ledge L21-1S
Eagle L21-1V Ledge L21-1V
Eagle L21-1VG Ledge L21-1VG
Eagle L21-4C Ledge L21-4C
Eagle L21-4E Ledge L21-4E
Eagle L21-4S Ledge L21-4S
Eagle L21-4V Ledge L21-4V
Eagle L21-4VG Ledge L21-4VG
Eagle L36-1C Ledge L36-1C
Eagle L36-1S Ledge L36-1S
Eagle L36-1V Ledge L36-1V
Eagle L36-1VG Ledge L36-1VG
Eagle L36-4C Ledge L36-4C
Eagle L36-4E Ledge L36-4E
Eagle L36-4S Ledge L36-4S
Eagle L36-4V Ledge L36-4V
Eagle L36-4VG Ledge L36-4VG
Eagle S-HOOKS-SK Security "S"Hook S-HOOKS-SK
Eagle A200012 "S"Hook A200012
Eagle A208909 Aluminum Split Sleeves A208909
Eagle A219236 Conductive Split Sleeves A219236
Eagle DF2136-A Dolly Frame DF2136-A
Eagle DF2136-C Dolly Frame DF2136-C
Eagle PH21-C Push Handle PH21-C
Eagle PH21-S Push Handle PH21-S
Eagle EH21-C Extended Push Handle EH21-C
Eagle EH21-S Extended Push Handle EH21-S
Eagle UH21-C Handle UH21-C
Eagle UH21-S Handle UH21-S
Eagle LR36-Z EAGLEbrite Hanger Rail LR36-Z
Eagle LR36-C Stand-Outs" Hanger Rail LR36-C
Eagle LR36-V Valu-Master" Hanger Rail LR36-V
Eagle PWE21-1C Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-1C
Eagle PWE21-2C Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-2C
Eagle PWE21-3C Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-3C
Eagle PWE21-4C Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-4C
Eagle PWE21-1S Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-1S
Eagle PWE21-2S Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-2S
Eagle PWE21-3S Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-3S
Eagle PWE21-4S Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-4S
Eagle PWE21-1VG Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-1VG
Eagle PWE21-2VG Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-2VG
Eagle PWE21-3VG Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-3VG
Eagle PWE21-4VG Prepackaged End Unit PWE21-4VG
Eagle PWM21-1C Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-1C
Eagle PWM21-2C Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-2C
Eagle PWM21-3C Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-3C
Eagle PWM21-4C Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-4C
Eagle PWM21-1S Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-1S
Eagle PWM21-2S Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-2S
Eagle PWM21-3S Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-3S
Eagle PWM21-4S Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-4S
Eagle PWM21-1VG Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-1VG
Eagle PWM21-2VG Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-2VG
Eagle PWM21-3VG Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-3VG
Eagle PWM21-4VG Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM21-4VG
Eagle PWB21C End Brackets PWB21C
Eagle PWB21S Mid Brackets PWB21S
Eagle PWB21VG End Brackets PWB21VG
Eagle PDWB21C Mid Brackets PDWB21C
Eagle PDWB21S Mid Brackets PDWB21S
Eagle PDWB21VG Mid Brackets PDWB21VG
Eagle PW14C Post PW14C
Eagle PW14S Post PW14S
Eagle PW14VG Post PW14VG
Eagle PW33C Post PW33C
Eagle PW33S Post PW33S
Eagle PW33VG Post PW33VG
Eagle PW54C Post PW54C
Eagle PW54S Post PW54S
Eagle PW54VG Post PW54VG
Eagle PW63C Post PW63C
Eagle PW63S Post PW63S
Eagle PW63VG Post PW63VG
Eagle WB21-C Stationary Wire Wall Mount WB21-C
Eagle WB21-S Stationary Wire Wall Mount WB21-S
Eagle WB21-VG Stationary Wire Wall Mount WB21-VG
Eagle DWB21-C Stationary Wire Wall Mount DWB21-C
Eagle DWB21-S Stationary Wire Wall Mount DWB21-S
Eagle DWB21-VG Stationary Wire Wall Mount DWB21-VG
Eagle PR21B Wire Shelf Bracket PR21B
Eagle WM1836 Wall Mats WM1836
Eagle WM1848 Wall Mats WM1848
Eagle WM1860 Wall Mats WM1860
Eagle WM2448 Wall Mats WM2448
Eagle WM2472 Wall Mats WM2472
Eagle WM2484 Wall Mats WM2484
Eagle WM2496 Wall Mats WM2496
Eagle WM3354 Wall Mats WM3354
Eagle WM4848 Wall Mats WM4848
Eagle PR12VU Vertical Wall Upright PR12VU
Eagle PR30VU Vertical Wall Upright PR30VU
Eagle PR45VU Vertical Wall Upright PR45VU
Eagle PH3RD 1/3 Size Pan Holder PH3RD
Eagle BH-1 Book Holder BH-1
Eagle DSS Vertical Uprights DSS
Eagle GS17 Grid Shelf GS17
Eagle HFH Hanging File Holder HFH
Eagle LDH Large Double Hook LDH
Eagle A203879 Large Plastic Bin A203879
Eagle LH Large Snap Hook LH
Eagle LDUS12 Light Duty Utility Shelf LDUS12
Eagle MDH-4 Merchandise Display Hook MDH-4
Eagle MDH-6 Merchandise Display Hook MDH-6
Eagle MDH-8 Merchandise Display Hook MDH-8
Eagle MDH-10 Merchandise Display Hook MDH-10
Eagle MDH-12 Merchandise Display Hook MDH-12
Eagle A204237 Plastic Bin Divider A204237
Eagle PBH Plastic Bin Holder PBH
Eagle A203877 Small Plastic Bin A203877
Eagle SH Small Snap Hook SH
Eagle SR14 Spice rack (14"" x 6"") SR14
Eagle SR24 Spice rack (24"" x 6"") SR24
Eagle TR10 Towel Rack TR10
Eagle UH Utensil Hook UH
Eagle WB Wire Basket WB
Eagle CR2D 2-Deck Can Rack CR2D
Eagle CR4D 4-Deck Can Rack CR4D
Eagle GPWB Wall Bracket GPWB
Eagle GPS24-C Triangle Shelf GPS24-C
Eagle GBP15-C Grid Panel Basket GBP15-C
Eagle MUK21-Z Mobile Unit Kit MUK21-Z
Eagle MUK21-C Mobile Unit Kit MUK21-C
Eagle MUK21-E Mobile Unit Kit MUK21-E
Eagle MUK21-Z86 Mobile Unit Kit MUK21-Z86
Eagle MUK21-C86 Mobile Unit Kit MUK21-C86
Eagle MUK21-E86 Mobile Unit Kit MUK21-E86
Eagle OHT-6 Overhead Track Kit OHT-6
Eagle OHT-7 Overhead Track Kit OHT-7
Eagle OHT-8 Overhead Track Kit OHT-8
Eagle OHT-9 Overhead Track Kit OHT-9
Eagle OHT-10 Overhead Track Kit OHT-10
Eagle OHT-11 Overhead Track Kit OHT-11
Eagle OHT-12 Overhead Track Kit OHT-12
Eagle OHT-13 Overhead Track Kit OHT-13
Eagle OHT-14 Overhead Track Kit OHT-14
Eagle OHT-15 Overhead Track Kit OHT-15
Eagle OHT-16 Overhead Track Kit OHT-16
Eagle OHT-17 Overhead Track Kit OHT-17
Eagle OHT-18 Overhead Track Kit OHT-18
Eagle OHT-19 Overhead Track Kit OHT-19
Eagle OHT-20 Overhead Track Kit OHT-20
Eagle OHT-21 Overhead Track Kit OHT-21
Eagle SDSKATB-S Floor-Trak System SDSKATB-S
Eagle DDSKATB-S Floor-Trak System DDSKATB-S
Eagle R54-C Rod with 4 tabs R54-C
Eagle R54-S Rod with 4 tabs R54-S
Eagle R63-C Rod with 4 tabs R63-C
Eagle R63-S Rod with 4 tabs R63-S
Eagle R74-C Rod with 4 tabs R74-C
Eagle R74-S Rod with 4 tabs R74-S
Eagle R86-C Rod with 4 tabs R86-C
Eagle R86-S Rod with 4 tabs R86-S
Eagle TS1417 Slide System TS1417
Eagle TS2517 Slide System TS2517
Eagle OUS21 One-Piece Slide OUS21
Eagle TB1016-3 Tote Box TB1016-3
Eagle TB1016-6 Tote Box TB1016-6
Eagle TB1022-3 Tote Box TB1022-3
Eagle TB1022-6 Tote Box TB1022-6
Eagle TB1722-3 Tote Box TB1722-3
Eagle TB1722-6 Tote Box TB1722-6
Eagle TB1722-9 Tote Box TB1722-9
Eagle A216649 File Basket A216649
Eagle A216650 Storage Basket A216650
Eagle A216651 Storage Basket A216651
Eagle A216652 Storage Basket A216652
Eagle CS1236-S Cantilevered Wire Shelf CS1236-S
Eagle A204331 Plastic Label Holder A204331
Eagle A206216 Plastic Label Holder A206216
Eagle A208746 Plastic Label Holder A208746
Eagle A206199 Plastic Label Holder A206199
Eagle A206220 Plastic Label Holder A206220
Eagle A208751 Plastic Label Holder A208751
Eagle DSI-2136 Stand-Outs" Shelf Inlay DSI-2136
Eagle CSI-2136 Stand-Outs" Shelf Inlay CSI-2136
Eagle A207016 Center Support for Posts A207016
Eagle SDFT-6 Floor-Trak System SDFT-6
Eagle SDFT-7 Floor-Trak System SDFT-7
Eagle SDFT-8 Floor-Trak System SDFT-8
Eagle SDFT-9 Floor-Trak System SDFT-9
Eagle SDFT-10 Floor-Trak System SDFT-10
Eagle SDFT-11 Floor-Trak System SDFT-11
Eagle SDFT-12 Floor-Trak System SDFT-12
Eagle SDFT-13 Floor-Trak System SDFT-13
Eagle SDFT-14 Floor-Trak System SDFT-14
Eagle SDFT-15 Floor-Trak System SDFT-15
Eagle SDFT-16 Floor-Trak System SDFT-16
Eagle SDFT-17 Floor-Trak System SDFT-17
Eagle SDFT-18 Floor-Trak System SDFT-18
Eagle SDFT-19 Floor-Trak System SDFT-19
Eagle SDFT-20 Floor-Trak System SDFT-20
Eagle SDFT-21 Floor-Trak System SDFT-21
Eagle SDFT-22 Floor-Trak System SDFT-22
Eagle SDFT-23 Floor-Trak System SDFT-23
Eagle SDFT-24 Floor-Trak System SDFT-24
Eagle SDFT-25 Floor-Trak System SDFT-25
Eagle SDFT-26 Floor-Trak System SDFT-26
Eagle SDFT-27 Floor-Trak System SDFT-27
Eagle SDFT-28 Floor-Trak System SDFT-28
Eagle SDFT-29 Floor-Trak System SDFT-29
Eagle SDFT-30 Floor-Trak System SDFT-30
Eagle 912991 Shim Kits 912991
Eagle MFBK-S Foot Brake Kit MFBK-S
Eagle DDFT-7 Floor-Trak System DDFT-7
Eagle DDFT-8 Floor-Trak System DDFT-8
Eagle DDFT-9 Floor-Trak System DDFT-9
Eagle DDFT-10 Floor-Trak System DDFT-10
Eagle DDFT-11 Floor-Trak System DDFT-11
Eagle DDFT-12 Floor-Trak System DDFT-12
Eagle DDFT-13 Floor-Trak System DDFT-13
Eagle DDFT-14 Floor-Trak System DDFT-14
Eagle DDFT-15 Floor-Trak System DDFT-15
Eagle DDFT-16 Floor-Trak System DDFT-16
Eagle DDFT-17 Floor-Trak System DDFT-17
Eagle DDFT-18 Floor-Trak System DDFT-18
Eagle DDFT-19 Floor-Trak System DDFT-19
Eagle DDFT-20 Floor-Trak System DDFT-20
Eagle DDFT-21 Floor-Trak System DDFT-21
Eagle DDFT-22 Floor-Trak System DDFT-22
Eagle DDFT-23 Floor-Trak System DDFT-23
Eagle DDFT-24 Floor-Trak System DDFT-24
Eagle DDFT-25 Floor-Trak System DDFT-25
Eagle DDFT-26 Floor-Trak System DDFT-26
Eagle DDFT-27 Floor-Trak System DDFT-27
Eagle DDFT-28 Floor-Trak System DDFT-28
Eagle DDFT-29 Floor-Trak System DDFT-29
Eagle DDFT-30 Floor-Trak System DDFT-30
Eagle TEP74-Z Floor-Trak System TEP74-Z
Eagle TEP74-C Floor-Trak System TEP74-C
Eagle TEP86-Z Floor-Trak System TEP86-Z
Eagle TEP86-C Floor-Trak System TEP86-C
Eagle TEP86-E Floor-Trak System TEP86-E

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