Eagle SS2436VG Solid Shelf

Eagle Group SS2436VG Solid Shelf


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Solid Shelf, 36"W x 24"D, galvanized steel coated with Valu-Gard green epoxy finish, raised "V" edge on all sides & double-hem bending, aluminum corner castings, NSF
BrandEagle Group
Width (in)36
Depth (in)24
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Eagle MMU-1 Standard Uprights MMU-1
Eagle MMU-2 Standard Uprights MMU-2
Eagle MMU-3 Standard Uprights MMU-3
Eagle MMU-4 Standard Uprights MMU-4
Eagle MMU-5 Standard Uprights MMU-5
Eagle MMU-6 Standard Uprights MMU-6
Eagle MMU-7 Standard Uprights MMU-7
Eagle MMU-8 Standard Uprights MMU-8
Eagle MMU-9 Standard Uprights MMU-9
Eagle MMU-10 Standard Uprights MMU-10
Eagle MMU-12 Standard Uprights MMU-12
Eagle MMU-14 Standard Uprights MMU-14
Eagle MMU-16 Standard Uprights MMU-16
Eagle MMNSU-1 Standard Uprights MMNSU-1
Eagle MMNSU-2 Standard Uprights MMNSU-2
Eagle MMNSU-3 Standard Uprights MMNSU-3
Eagle MMNSU-4 Standard Uprights MMNSU-4
Eagle MMNSU-5 Standard Uprights MMNSU-5
Eagle MMNSU-6 Standard Uprights MMNSU-6
Eagle MMNSU-7 Standard Uprights MMNSU-7
Eagle MMNSU-8 Standard Uprights MMNSU-8
Eagle MMNSU-9 Standard Uprights MMNSU-9
Eagle MMNSU-10 Standard Uprights MMNSU-10
Eagle MMNSU-12 Standard Uprights MMNSU-12
Eagle MMUSS-1 Standard Uprights MMUSS-1
Eagle MMUSS-2 Standard Uprights MMUSS-2
Eagle MMUSS-3 Standard Uprights MMUSS-3
Eagle MMUSS-4 Standard Uprights MMUSS-4
Eagle MMUSS-5 Standard Uprights MMUSS-5
Eagle MMUSS-6 Standard Uprights MMUSS-6
Eagle MMUSS-7 Standard Uprights MMUSS-7
Eagle MMUSS-8 Standard Uprights MMUSS-8
Eagle MMUSS-9 Standard Uprights MMUSS-9
Eagle MMUSS-10 Standard Uprights MMUSS-10
Eagle MMUSS-12 Standard Uprights MMUSS-12
Eagle MMNSUSS-1 Standard Uprights MMNSUSS-1
Eagle MMNSUSS-2 Standard Uprights MMNSUSS-2
Eagle MMNSUSS-3 Standard Uprights MMNSUSS-3
Eagle MMNSUSS-4 Standard Uprights MMNSUSS-4
Eagle MMNSUSS-5 Standard Uprights MMNSUSS-5
Eagle MMNSUSS-6 Standard Uprights MMNSUSS-6
Eagle MMNSUSS-7 Standard Uprights MMNSUSS-7
Eagle MMNSUSS-8 Standard Uprights MMNSUSS-8
Eagle MMNSUSS-9 Standard Uprights MMNSUSS-9
Eagle MMNSUSS-10 Standard Uprights MMNSUSS-10
Eagle MMNSUSS-12 Standard Uprights MMNSUSS-12
Eagle MMU/A-1 Standard Uprights MMU/A-1
Eagle MMU/A-2 Standard Uprights MMU/A-2
Eagle MMU/A-3 Standard Uprights MMU/A-3
Eagle MMU/A-4 Standard Uprights MMU/A-4
Eagle MMU/A-5 Standard Uprights MMU/A-5
Eagle MMU/A-6 Standard Uprights MMU/A-6
Eagle MMU/A-7 Standard Uprights MMU/A-7
Eagle MMU/A-8 Standard Uprights MMU/A-8
Eagle MMU/A-9 Standard Uprights MMU/A-9
Eagle MMU/A-10 Standard Uprights MMU/A-10
Eagle MMU/A-12 Standard Uprights MMU/A-12
Eagle MMU/A-14 Standard Uprights MMU/A-14
Eagle MMU/A-16 Standard Uprights MMU/A-16
Eagle MMNSU/A-1 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-1
Eagle MMNSU/A-2 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-2
Eagle MMNSU/A-3 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-3
Eagle MMNSU/A-4 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-4
Eagle MMNSU/A-5 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-5
Eagle MMNSU/A-6 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-6
Eagle MMNSU/A-7 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-7
Eagle MMNSU/A-8 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-8
Eagle MMNSU/A-9 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-9
Eagle MMNSU/A-10 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-10
Eagle MMNSU/A-12 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-12
Eagle MMNSU/A-14 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-14
Eagle MMNSU/A-16 Standard Uprights MMNSU/A-16
Eagle MMBB-4 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB-4
Eagle MMBB-5 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB-5
Eagle MMBB-6 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB-6
Eagle MMBB-7 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB-7
Eagle MMBB-8 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB-8
Eagle MMBB-9 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB-9
Eagle MMBB-10 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB-10
Eagle MMBB-12 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB-12
Eagle MMNSBB-4 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBB-4
Eagle MMNSBB-5 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBB-5
Eagle MMNSBB-6 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBB-6
Eagle MMNSBB-7 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBB-7
Eagle MMNSBB-8 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBB-8
Eagle MMNSBB-9 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBB-9
Eagle MMNSBB-10 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBB-10
Eagle MMNSBB-12 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBB-12
Eagle MMBBSS-4 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBBSS-4
Eagle MMBBSS-5 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBBSS-5
Eagle MMBBSS-6 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBBSS-6
Eagle MMBBSS-7 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBBSS-7
Eagle MMBBSS-8 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBBSS-8
Eagle MMBBSS-9 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBBSS-9
Eagle MMBBSS-10 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBBSS-10
Eagle MMBBSS-12 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBBSS-12
Eagle MMNSBBSS-4 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBBSS-4
Eagle MMNSBBSS-5 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBBSS-5
Eagle MMNSBBSS-6 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBBSS-6
Eagle MMNSBBSS-7 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBBSS-7
Eagle MMNSBBSS-8 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBBSS-8
Eagle MMNSBBSS-9 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBBSS-9
Eagle MMNSBBSS-10 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBBSS-10
Eagle MMNSBBSS-12 Heavy Duty Uprights MMNSBBSS-12
Eagle MMBB/A-4 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB/A-4
Eagle MMBB/A-5 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB/A-5
Eagle MMBB/A-6 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB/A-6
Eagle MMBB/A-7 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB/A-7
Eagle MMBB/A-8 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB/A-8
Eagle MMBB/A-9 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB/A-9
Eagle MMBB/A-10 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB/A-10
Eagle MMBB/A-12 Heavy Duty Uprights MMBB/A-12
Eagle MMB-K-24-L Knob Bracket MMB-K-24-L
Eagle MMB-K-24-R Knob Bracket MMB-K-24-R
Eagle MMDB-K-24 Knob Bracket MMDB-K-24
Eagle MMFB-K-24-L Foot Brackets with Knobs MMFB-K-24-L
Eagle MMFB-K-24-R Foot Brackets with Knobs MMFB-K-24-R
Eagle MMDFB-K-24 Foot Brackets with Knobs MMDFB-K-24
Eagle MMNSB-K-24-L Knob Bracket MMNSB-K-24-L
Eagle MMNSB-K-24-R Knob Bracket MMNSB-K-24-R
Eagle MMNSDB-K-24 Knob Bracket MMNSDB-K-24
Eagle MMNSFB-K-24-L Foot Brackets with Knobs MMNSFB-K-24-L
Eagle MMNSFB-K-24-R Foot Brackets with Knobs MMNSFB-K-24-R
Eagle MMNSDFB-K-24 Foot Brackets with Knobs MMNSDFB-K-24
Eagle MMBSS-K-24-L Knob Bracket MMBSS-K-24-L
Eagle MMBSS-K-24-R Knob Bracket MMBSS-K-24-R
Eagle MMDBSS-K-24 Knob Bracket MMDBSS-K-24
Eagle MMFBSSK-249-L Foot Brackets with Knobs MMFBSSK-249-L
Eagle MMFBSSK-249-R Foot Brackets with Knobs MMFBSSK-249-R
Eagle MMDFBSSK-249 Foot Brackets with Knobs MMDFBSSK-249
Eagle MMB-K/A-24-L Knob Bracket MMB-K/A-24-L
Eagle MMB-K/A-24-R Knob Bracket MMB-K/A-24-R
Eagle MMDB-K/A-24 Knob Bracket MMDB-K/A-24
Eagle MMNSB-K/A-24-L Knob Bracket MMNSB-K/A-24-L
Eagle MMNSB-K/A-24-R Knob Bracket MMNSB-K/A-24-R
Eagle MMNSDB-K/A-24 Knob Bracket MMNSDB-K/A-24
Eagle MMNSFBSSK-249-L Foot Brackets with Knobs MMNSFBSSK-249-L
Eagle MMNSFBSSK-249-R Foot Brackets with Knobs MMNSFBSSK-249-R
Eagle MMNSDFBSSK-249 Foot Brackets with Knobs MMNSDFBSSK-249
Eagle PWE24-1C Prepackaged End Unit PWE24-1C
Eagle PWE24-1S Prepackaged End Unit PWE24-1S
Eagle PWE24-1VG Prepackaged End Unit PWE24-1VG
Eagle PWM24-1C Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-1C
Eagle PWM24-1S Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-1S
Eagle PWM24-1VG Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-1VG
Eagle PWE24-2C Prepackaged End Unit PWE24-2C
Eagle PWE24-2S Prepackaged End Unit PWE24-2S
Eagle PWE24-2VG Prepackaged End Unit PWE24-2VG
Eagle PWM24-2C Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-2C
Eagle PWM24-2S Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-2S
Eagle PWM24-2VG Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-2VG
Eagle PWE24-3C Prepackaged End Unit PWE24-3C
Eagle PWE24-3S Prepackaged End Unit PWE24-3S
Eagle PWM24-3C Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-3C
Eagle PWM24-3S Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-3S
Eagle PWM24-3VG Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-3VG
Eagle PWE24-4C Prepackaged End Unit PWE24-4C
Eagle PWE24-4S Prepackaged End Unit PWE24-4S
Eagle PWE24-4VG Prepackaged End Unit PWE24-4VG
Eagle PWM24-4C Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-4C
Eagle PWM24-4S Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-4S
Eagle PWM24-4VG Prepackaged Mid Unit PWM24-4VG
Eagle PWB24C End Brackets PWB24C
Eagle PWB24S End Brackets PWB24S
Eagle PWB24VG End Brackets PWB24VG
Eagle PDWB24C Mid Brackets PDWB24C
Eagle PDWB24S Mid Brackets PDWB24S
Eagle PDWB24VG Mid Brackets PDWB24VG
Eagle WB24-C Stationary Wire Wall Mount WB24-C
Eagle WB24-S Stationary Wire Wall Mount WB24-S
Eagle WB24-VG Stationary Wire Wall Mount WB24-VG
Eagle DWB24-S Stationary Wire Wall Mount DWB24-S
Eagle DWB24-VG Stationary Wire Wall Mount DWB24-VG
Eagle A208909 Aluminum Split Sleeves A208909
Eagle A219236 Conductive Split Sleeves A219236
Eagle S-HOOKS-SK Security "S"Hook S-HOOKS-SK
Eagle A200012 "S"Hook A200012
Eagle CRC Can Rack CRC
Eagle A203078 Joining Clamps A203078
Eagle A204331 Plastic Label Holder A204331
Eagle A206216 Plastic Label Holder A206216
Eagle A208746 Plastic Label Holder A208746
Eagle A206199 Plastic Label Holder A206199
Eagle A206220 Plastic Label Holder A206220
Eagle A208751 Plastic Label Holder A208751
Eagle SSD24-C Shelf Divider SSD24-C
Eagle SSD24-S Shelf Divider SSD24-S
Eagle SL24-1C Ledge SL24-1C
Eagle SL24-1S Ledge SL24-1S
Eagle SL24-4C Ledge SL24-4C
Eagle SL24-4S Ledge SL24-4S
Eagle SL36-1C Ledge SL36-1C
Eagle SL36-1S Ledge SL36-1S
Eagle SL36-4C Ledge SL36-4C
Eagle SL36-4S Ledge SL36-4S
Eagle R54-C Rod with 4 tabs R54-C
Eagle R54-S Rod with 4 tabs R54-S
Eagle R63-C Rod with 4 tabs R63-C
Eagle R63-S Rod with 4 tabs R63-S
Eagle R74-C Rod with 4 tabs R74-C
Eagle R74-S Rod with 4 tabs R74-S
Eagle R86-C Rod with 4 tabs R86-C
Eagle R86-S Rod with 4 tabs R86-S
Eagle RM2436Z Reverse Mat Wire Shelf RM2436Z
Eagle RM2436C Reverse Mat Wire Shelf RM2436C
Eagle CF2436-C Channel Frame CF2436-C
Eagle CF2436-E Channel Frame CF2436-E
Eagle CF2436-S Channel Frame CF2436-S
Eagle DTF2436-C Double Truss Frame DTF2436-C
Eagle DTF2436-E Double Truss Frame DTF2436-E
Eagle DTF2436-S Double Truss Frame DTF2436-S
Eagle DF2436-A Dolly Frame DF2436-A
Eagle DF2436-C Dolly Frame DF2436-C
Eagle CS1236-S Cantilevered Wire Shelf CS1236-S

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Eagle Group SS2436VG Solid Shelf
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