Premium & Superior Brands

What do our designations mean

  Based on a history of quality, awards and customer feedback, we chose to highlight the very best brands. 
  All brands on our site are scrutinized for product quality and we would remove and brand if they fail to meet our standards. But some brands stand out and need to be recognized for their history of exceptional innovation, quality workmanship and professional customer service. 
  In the Automotive industry, one understands why a Mercedes Benz would be more expensive than for instance a Dodge. There are major differences and expectations between a luxury and entry level brand. Beyond esthetics and innovations, a Premium car should be reliable. 
  In our industry, the market has become crowded with brands and we want our customers to know which brands we believe are worth the extra cost.The Premium designation is given to proven brands of the highest caliber. There is a slight bias toward established quality American brands. The recognized premium and Superior brands also have a higher resale value.
  The Superior designation is given to brands that are reliable performers but perhaps have less features and are slightly less expensive than the Premium. 
  When your business depends on your equipment, you are best off not skimping on technologically advanced reliable brands.

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