FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co., Inc. Air Curtain Refrigerators

Designed for Cook/Serve and Cook/Chill Applications

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Air curtain refrigerators are an essential tool for cook/serve and cook/chill applications. These refrigerators can hold cooked meals for extended periods at a safe temperature before they are served. 

The unique challenge in this application is that the refrigerator is often left open for extended periods to load and unload meals. To prevent the temperature from rising to a dangerous level and consuming too much power to lower the temperature, powerful fans move air across the door’s opening to prevent heat from entering.

The air curtain refrigerators offered here on CKitchen are from FWE, Traulsen, and Victory Refrigeration; trusted brands in the foodservice industry for refrigeration and food holding. The models designed by these brands include various features that will make storing and serving food from these refrigerators as easy as possible.

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