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Floral Merchandisers

Prolong Freshness and Promote Sales of Flowers With Floral Merchandisers

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True Manufacturing Co., Inc. GDM-12FC-HC~TSL01 Floral Merchandiser
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True Manufacturing Co., Inc. GDM-23FC-HC~TSL01 Floral Merchandiser
Your Price$3,589.00
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True Manufacturing Co., Inc. GDM-47FC-HC-LD Floral Merchandiser
Your Price$5,636.00
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True Manufacturing Co., Inc. GDM-49FC-HC~TSL01 Floral Merchandiser
Your Price$5,687.00
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True Manufacturing Co., Inc. GDM-69FC-HC-LD Floral Merchandiser
Your Price$7,111.00
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True Manufacturing Co., Inc. GDM-72FC-HC~TSL01 Floral Merchandiser
Your Price$7,344.00
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    Floral Merchandisers Promote Sales By Extending Life and Beauty of Cut Flowers

    Floral merchandisers provide a spacious refrigerated area for operators to store and keep cut flowers fresher for extended periods. Unlike food refrigerators, floral merchandisers operate at a higher temperature in order to create the best possible environment for storing and maintaining the freshness of flowers. Floral coolers combine cold air with the perfect level of humidity safe for items that are less dense, such as flowers.

    Designed to promote sales, floral merchandisers leverage the beauty of the flowers by creating a large viewing area out of the glass doors to fully showcase the beautiful appearance and colors of the flowers. Many floral coolers also have glass panels all around so that the flowers are completely visible from all sides and angles, which makes it easier for your customers to browse and more likely for passersby to take notice.

    We have a great selection of floral coolers from industry-leading brands like True. These refrigeration units come in three sizes, made with high-quality materials for outstanding durability and long years of reliable use. The sleek black exterior adds to the presentation, making your display more elegant.

    CKitchen is home to thousands of foodservice equipment including a broad selection of commercial refrigeration equipment including walk-in coolers, reach-in refrigerators and freezers, and specialized units such as chef bases and prep tables.

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