Howard-McCray Reach-In Refrigerators

Commercial Reach-In Refrigerators Ensure That Food Easy to Reach and Kept at Optimal Temperature

Top Mounted

Top Mounted

Top-mounted refrigeration system keeps the air intake far away from dust and debris on the floor while venting warm air out of the top.
Bottom Mounted

Bottom Mounted

Bottom-mounted refrigeration system provides easy access to components for cleaning or maintenance tasks.


Glass doors provide a clear view of items inside.


Solid doors are durable and provide good insulation.


The best of both options: A clear view of one section through a glass door while the other is fully insulated by a solid door.
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Reach-In Refrigerators: Keeping Your Inventory Safe

Reach-in refrigerators or reach-in coolers are essential pieces of equipment in both commercial foodservice operations and retail environments. These units ensure that food is kept at the optimal temperature for as long as possible, so you don’t risk losing money from food waste and improper storage.

Whether you use it for menu ingredients or prepackaged food products, a commercial reach-in refrigerator will provide you the refrigerated food storage space you need to keep your inventory fresh and perfectly cold.

Commercial reach-in refrigerators are available in different styles and capacities to accommodate the needs of even the most unique of kitchens. They have one (1) to five (5) sections. Most units have a full-height door, although there are half-height door designs that divide the section into two compartments, which can help mitigate energy consumption.

Glass door refrigeration is the perfect solution for front-house operation as they essentially provide a view for customers to easily identify what's inside. Reach-ins with solid doors, on the other hand, are ideal for back-of-the-house operations. Both glass door and solid door units are available in full and half-height configurations.

Commercial reach-in refrigerators with stainless steel doors are a good choice for any commercial kitchen because they help keep the cold air in for longer, which can reduce your energy bill. We also have commercial-grade reach-in wine fridges and even-thaw fridges to suit your specific food service requirements. You are sure to find the right reach-in refrigerator with the storage capacity to support your operation day in day out.

Commercial reach-in refrigerators are either top or bottom-mounted. This means that the compressor is placed either at the top or below the cabinet. Top-mounted units may be more efficient especially in a hot area since the compressor is closer to cold air. Bottom-mounted compressors boost the height of the bottom shelf for easier access.

CKitchen is an authorized retailer of the most trusted commercial refrigeration brands, and we offer commercial reach-in freezers and fridges by Beverage-Air, Delfield, Hoshizaki, Master-Bilt, Maxx Cold, Turbo Air, Traulsen, and more. We’re your one-stop-shop for Energy Star certified reach-in refrigerators, which all include a low-price guarantee.

We supply commercial reach-in refrigerators with large storage capacities and single or multiple compartments to help meet your unique needs. They are also designed to be easy to clean, so you can spend less time scrubbing and more on improving your operation.

Because we offer products only by the top commercial equipment makers, you can expect our commercial reach-in refrigerators to be equipped with features that will truly optimize your operation for maximum productivity and performance.

Some features include innovative door liners and gaskets that prevent cold air from seeping out, adjustable shelves for custom configuration. The majority of our reach-in freezers and refrigerators are made in the U.S. and come backed by extensive warranties to safeguard your purchase.

If you are looking for more restaurant supplies and equipment for your business, CKitchen has thousands of products you can browse. We have a wide selection of equipment from ranges, ovens, and fryers to display cases, commercial dishwashers, and steam kettles.

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