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Turbo Air Worktop Freezers

A Turbo Air Refrigeration Worktop Freezer is an Efficient Solution for Managing Your Kitchen Space

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Compact and convenient refrigeration units designed for commercial use, featuring a built-in work surface on top and doors for easy access to frozen goods.
Doors and Drawers

Doors and Drawers

Efficient storage solutions for commercial environments, combining the accessibility of doors and the organization benefits of drawers.


Versatile freezing units, featuring convenient drawer storage for easy organization and access to frozen goods.
Front Breathing

Front Breathing

They offer improved ventilation and heat dissipation, allowing for better performance and longevity. These freezers provide an ideal solution for commercial kitchens, or any space where space-saving and reliable freezing capabilities are required.
Side / Rear Breathing

Side / Rear Breathing

Suitable for placement in tight spaces or against walls. These versatile freezers provide quick and easy access to frozen goods while maximizing available workspace in busy culinary environments.

Popular Brands for Worktop Freezers

Beverage Air Victory Refrigeration Atosa Delfield Hoshizaki Traulsen Blue Air Turbo Air Everest True Continental Refrig Admiral Craft Arctic Air


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With Turbo Air's affordable and space-efficient Worktop Freezers, you can preserve meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables at your commercial establishment. These worktop freezers are available with single and multiple doors, drawers, or a combination of both. Designed to fit into small kitchen spaces, Turbo Air worktop freezers have a capacity of up to 17.2 cubic feet. These freezers come with side/rear breathing compressors and a self-contained refrigeration unit. Turbo Air's patented self-cleaning condenser reduces dust and buildup with its in-built revolving brush, extending the life of the equipment. These worktop freezers can maintain temperatures between -10 and 0 °F. Turbo Air worktop freezers have an easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior, aluminum door liner, and galvanized steel bottom. For efficient product display, they include internal LED lighting. They contain an internal fan that shuts off when the freezer door opens to avoid warm air from entering. Make your small kitchen space functional with our selection of Turbo Air undercounter refrigerators, perfect for storing large quantities of food and beverages.
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