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Mix and Layer Cocktails and Many Bar Favorites With Our Bar Spoons

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Vollrath 46784 Bar Spoon - 11" stainless with plastic tip
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FMP 280-1307 Bar Spoon
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FMP 137-1597 Bar Spoon
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    Bar Spoons For Mixing and Layering Drinks

    A long-handled bar spoon or simply bar spoon is a type of spoon that is used for efficiently mixing and layering cocktails and various mixed drinks in a mixing glass. It has a long twisted handle that allows it to reach the bottom of tall tumblers to give the ingredients a thorough mix. The spiral design of the stem helps with the stirring and layering process and are offered in a range of lengths to fit various vessels.

    On one end is the spoon itself, which is very small only able to hold around 1 to 5ml of liquid. What makes different types of bar spoons is what's on the other end. There are three types of bar spoons each with unique benefits to suit your needs. An American bar spoon typically has a colored tip that serves as a protective covering. A European bar spoon instead has a flat disc that is used as a muddler for crushing ingredients such as fruit or sugar cubes. Japanese bar spoons have a droplet tip that adds weight for increased precision when stirring and layering drinks. There are also bar spoons that come with a fork, which is useful in fishing and piercing ingredients like olives and cherries.

    Most bar spoons you will find have a minimalist design. They have a polished finish often in gold or silver color to add elegance to your everyday mixing and layering. Whatever the style of bar you run, you will surely find a long-handled spoon that will help you create delicious concoctions that your customers will love here on CKitchen.

    We have a wide selection of bar tools and supplies including cocktail shakers, bottle stoppers, and many more, all from top brands offered at best prices and free shipping. For any asisstance, please call or email us so that our foodservice equipment consultants can help.

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