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Simple Yet Effective: The Brazier Pan

Brazier pans, otherwise known as rondo pots or rondeau pots, generally feature heavy-grade aluminum constructions plus handles and covers for smart, even cooking. The benefit of brazier pans is that they heat food evenly without any hot spots and usually feature a wide, shallow design that makes it extremely versatile. You can use these pans for everything from frying to simmering, and transfer them into the oven if needed. Most braziers from CKitchen are made with high-grade aluminum and feature sturdy side loop handles and a cover.

What Should I Use a Rondo Pot For?

There are thousands of ways you can employ this smart, little pot in your commercial kitchen. It’s often used for cooking slowly, so it’s a popular choice for soups, stews, sauces and other dishes that should simmer awhile to enhance flavor. Some people also use their brazier pots to melt, blanch or pan-roast. Think of these pots like Dutch ovens minus the high sides. Because you can easily transfer them from stovetop or grill to the oven, you can use them anytime you want to crisp, brown or warm, too. is proud to offer a great range of braziers by Adcraft and Browne. Adcraft brazier pans are made of 3003 aluminum and are sold with or without a cover. Browne brazier pans are made from the company’s high-quality Thermalloy material that offers even cooking and easy cleaning. Of course, we have rondo pots in dozens of different sizes and options in our selection, ranging from 8-quart braziers to large style that can hold up to 30 quarts. Remember, you’ll always get the guaranteed lowest prices on commercial pots and pans here!
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