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Bread / Sandwich Knives

Bread and Sandwich Knives For Slicing Bread With Speed and Precision

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Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Army 40550 Bread Knife
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Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Army 41695 Bread Knife
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Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Army 41290 Bread Knife
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Mercer Culinary Thermohauser of America Thunder Group Browne USA Victorinox Alegacy Foodservice Products AllPoints CREST MFG (CREST WARE) Dexter Libertyware MUNDIAL INC NORPRO Town Winco Admiral Craft


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    Top-Quality Bread Knives For You

    Choosing knives to slice bread can sometimes be an afterthought for most operators, but having the right bread knife actually gives you the opportunity to improve the speed and efficiency of your kitchen workflow. When you run a deli or a bakery, it makes sense to invest in high-quality bread knives that will be effective in the important task of slicing bread with speed and accuracy.

    Sandwich knives can have a straight or serrated edge. A serrated bread knife features edges that help you achieve a neat slice while helping preserve as much airiness of the bread as possible. The serrated blade is preferred when cutting crusty bread as it helps keeps the fluffiness. CKitchen boasts an impressive line of durable, top-quality serrated knives that will surely transform your food prep.

    Bread knives can be categorized into two types: stamped and forged. Forged knives are generally more expensive and superior in quality although there are well-made stamped knives with topnotch quality. Forged knives are made from a single piece of metal that goes through an intensive process handled by skilled craftsmen. Most forged knives you will find have better balance because they have a full tang, which makes for a durable, higher-quality, and heavier product. Stamped knives are cut from a single piece of steel, lighter for improved control. They are overall a great choice for those with a tighter budget. Although the more economical option, you can find stamped bread knives here on our website that will give forged knives a run for their money.

    Bread knives can have a straight or curved blade. Curved blades provide better clearance to prevent your knuckles from hitting the cutting board. Bread knives should have durable blades that can hold their edge well and resist rust. Our knives here at CKitchen are made with Japanese steel and German steel, both promising long-lasting durability to preserve the ultra-sharp quality of the blade. German steel knives can be more versatile than their Japanese steel counterparts, which are engineered for slicing. German steel lends itself to forged knives while Japanese steel is usually used to make stamped knives.

    The length of the sandwich knife is also an important factor to take into account. The longer the blade, the quicker you can saw bread. A 10-inch bread knife is recommended for most applications although there are 8-inch and 9-inch sandwich knives as well.

    As important as the blade of the bread slicer is the handle, which should be easy and comfortable to grip, so it doesn't slip out of the hand when in use. Knife handles are available in a litany of materials, from wood, stainless steel, and plastic to polypropylene, nylon, Fibrox, and many more.

    If you are looking to complete your knife collection, we have a great selection that includes a chef knife, paring knife, boning knife, utility knife, and many more. Whether you are a professional or a home cook, CKitchen can help you outfit your kitchen with the supplies you need.

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