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Cheese Knives

Cheesy Business: Top-notch Cheese Knives for your Restaurant

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Mercer Culinary Vollrath Victorinox Dexter FMP Winco
Vollrath 90347 Super Pan 3® 1/3 GN Food Pan
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Victorinox Swiss Army 40194 Cheese Knife
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Victorinox Swiss Army 40195 Cheese Knife
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    Cheese knives are available in several varieties. Many blades come with holes so that they don’t stick to the cheese surface. This also prevents unshapely cuts, ensuring your presentation is perfect for cheese platters and other popular dishes enhanced by the dairy delicacy. Cheese knives are offered in stainless steel constructions that ensure they remain sturdy and capable of dealing with the rigorous activities at the commercial kitchen. Corrosion resistance is another added advantage, an important factor to make sure you adhere to health codes and food safety guidelines. Cheese knife blades are varied and can come in a variety of shapes and slices. While most of the options are meant for the kitchen, the triangular and curved options are more suited to presentation in the front house area. These varieties are ideal for serving guests at a wine-tasting event or during a buffet. Handles are also plentiful in variety and presentation-oriented cheese knives come with designs to embellish their appearance. Companies have designed double-handle cheese knives that are best suited for the hardest cheeses as they can help you cut through large blocks in a swift motion. Stocking up your kitchen with a quality set of cheese knives is sure to expand functionality and improve precision. Be sure to rely on cost-effective options like cheese knives when you’re equipping your kitchen with quick & easy ways to service your high-volume business.

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