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Commercial Chef Knives

Chef Knives - Slice, Chop, and Dice with a Single All-Rounder

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    Chef knives are usually made of high-grade and durable materials usually, carbon steel or Japanese steel, and feature high-precision edges to make sure you get a clean cut every time. Commercial models are available in a range of sizes and non-slip handles to best suit your needs. Chef knives usually start at 7 inches, which is the standard size, and can go up to 12 inches in length, although mini-models are also available. Not just limited to commercial kitchens, these knives have found a home in delis, bakeries, and all types of foodservice operations. These trustworthy tools are an excellent choice to quickly and easily service your high-volume business. Professional chefs have a predilection to carry their own favorite knives as tools of their trade and one of the first tools they put in their kit is the chef knife. Their edges are specifically developed to withstand constant, hard use and therefore, are extremely responsive to sharpening. This means that a good chef knife will last you years of constant commercial use. These knives are available in various edge styles, such as granton, serrated and smooth, to best suit your line of work. There are many models that are dishwasher-safe, so it is a breeze to sanitize them as protection against food contamination. A single chef knife can take on the work of multiple specialty knives, so these are an excellent way to save upfront costs for the commercial kitchen.

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