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Clam Knives and Oyster Knives

Shuck Oysters & Clams Efficiently: Purchase High-quality Clam Knives and Oyster Knives For Your Restaurant

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    Oyster knives are mostly wider and shorter than clam knives. Most oyster knives come with a sharp-pointed tip with beveled edges. In comparison, clam knives are leaner, longer, and come with a rounded tip. With these knives, cooks can extract the maximum amount of clam or oyster meat from the shells.
    Choose from the following types of oyster knives for your commercial foodservice establishment:

    For clam knives, look for a knife that has a narrow blade. Narrow blade clam knives offer more dexterity than wide blade knives. You can choose a wooden handle clam knife or swiss army-style clam knife for your restaurant. Most clam knives come equipped with a 3-inch to 8-inch blade for precise extraction. With clam knives and oyster knives, you can safely and easily serve shellfish, oysters, and clams. Clam knives and oyster knives provide a quick and easy way to service your high-volume food business. These ergonomically designed knives are excellent tools to help you offer your guests a pleasant dining experience.

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