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Cocktail Shakers

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    Cocktail Shakers For Best-Tasting Drinks

    A cocktail shaker is an essential tool in any professional bartender's arsenal. Whatever the cocktail recipe you are working on, this bar accessory offers the best way to shake the cocktail thoroughly mix the ingredients of the drinks.

    Cocktail shakers consist of two containers, the main shaker and another being a small cap or another glass, depending on the type of the drink shaker. The openings of each container are connected and pushed together to close in on the contents and create a tight seal so you can shake the cocktail without spilling. When ice cubes are placed inside the cocktail shaker, the drink can be cooled quickly without diluting the mixture.

    Cocktail shakers are typically made of stainless steel so that they are durable and easy to clean although there are uniquely designed options such as the mason glass jar cocktail shaker also available here on CKitchen. We offer a broad range of stainless steel cocktail shakers that come in a wide range of capacities as well as various styles including colored exteriors to match the aesthetics of your bar. Our cocktail shakers are perfect for both commercial bars and home bars.

    Cocktail shakers are categorized into three types namely cobbler shakers, Boston shakers, and French shakers. Cobbler shakers are a three-piece set that includes a main container, a bowl-shape lid with a handle where a strainer is built in, and a cap that covers the holes of the strainer when shaking. The strainer will help filter out chunks when pouring the shaken cocktail into the glass.

    Boston shakers are what most bartenders prefer for shaking and mixing drinks and are ideal for mixing larger volumes at a time. This cocktail shaker set consists of only a shaker tin, which has a simple cone shape, and a glass cup. A Hawthorne strainer is used in conjunction with a Boston shaker set. The glass cup offers the benefit of visibility so that bartenders can see the cocktail as they shake it. A French shaker is a relatively new type of cocktail shaker, which is sort of an in-between of the abovementioned types in that it comes in the shape of a Cobbler shaker without the built-in strainer.

    We have a wide selection of bar tools and supplies to meet the needs of your bar. Our products come from some of the best brands in the industry all offered at the lowest prices and free shipping. We also offer replacement parts for cocktail shakers so you can extend the life of your existing units.

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