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    Induction fry pans are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel and are much safer to use than conventional fry pans. These don’t make direct contact with stove top flames and instead rely on the heat produced by an electric range for heating up your food and producing delicious creations. Stock pots are used to slowly cook and simmer foods, so conserving energy can be highly beneficial to operational costs. Induction stock pots are great at utilizing most of the heat generated by your induction range and help reduce electric bills. Double boilers are used for creating delicate foods, such as egg-based sauces, and having precise control over cooking temperatures can make life easier in the kitchen. Induction double boilers utilize two chambers to cook food - one for heating up water and the other for slowly bringing food to an optimal temperature. Sauce pans can be used for numerous uses, one of them being making egg-based dishes. Having precise control over cooking temperatures can help you achieve the perfect degree of “doneness” for omelets and fry-ups. Induction saucepans are flat bottomed and make perfect use of every inch of contact space between the pan and the induction stovetop.

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