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Mesh Strainers

Filter Out Food and Beverage Debris To Create Perfect Dishes And Drinks With Our Mesh Strainers

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Vollrath 47194 Strainer
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Vollrath 47188 Strainer
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Vollrath 47195 Strainer
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Vollrath 47189 Strainer
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Vollrath 47197 Strainer
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Vollrath 47191 Strainer
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Vollrath 47198 Strainer
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Vollrath 47192 Strainer
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Mercer Culinary Thunder Group Vollrath Browne USA Alegacy Foodservice Products AllPoints FOUR SEASONS GENERAL MERCHANDI Libertyware NORPRO Town UNITED POWER GROUP Winco Admiral Craft
Vollrath 47196 Strainer
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Vollrath 47190 Strainer
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Vollrath 47199 Strainer
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Vollrath 47193 Strainer
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    Mesh Strainers: A Perfect Prep Companion

    Mesh strainers are small but reliable tools that help you whip up the orders precisely the way your customers want them. The mesh is tightly woven so that there are only very small openings, which means that even the tiniest particles are thoroughly filtered out of the finished product. Mesh strainers with handles make the process much sanitary and quicker. There is a wide range of sizes and capacities available with single or double-mesh styles so you can find the best mesh strainer that truly suits every need in the kitchen or behind the bar.

    Fine mesh strainers come in handy for any professional bartender committed to serving that perfectly smooth glass guests will surely come back for. With this nifty little gadget, no solid bits of fruit or ice ends up in the glass you serve to your customer, even tiny pieces that could escape larger strainers. They fit standard sizes of glasses, so you can use them on basically any liquor concoctions you have on offer.

    If you need a strainer for the kitchen, we also have a great selection of food strainers, which are a versatile tool for the chef or baker. Just like mesh strainers for bars, food strainers separate solids from liquids in your food, but they are also very effective in sifting flours or corn starch.

    Our mesh strainers are some of the industry's best, with high-quality materials such as rust-resistant stainless steel, which not only gives them a sleek appearance but also makes them very easy clean. The rim on these premium-quality mesh stainless steel strainers holds the shape of the mesh even with daily heavy use.

    We also have a large selection of bar supplies and equipment such as refrigerators, glass washers, ice machines, and many more, all offered at the best prices and free shipping so you can create a functional space for your operation without going over your budget. For any questions, don't hesitate to call or email us, and our foodservice equipment consultants will be happy to help.

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