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Commercial Kitchen Shears

Slicing & Chopping Made Easy: Quality Kitchen Shears for your Establishment

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When you pick up a heavy-duty kitchen shear, no task is too difficult and can be dealt with a simple, swift motion. Slice through vegetables to prepare a salad, separate fat & lard from meat, and make finely diced portions of fish. The strongest shears are capable of cutting through fibrous vegetables, skin, bone, and meat like butter. To make operations simpler, modern variants are available with a spring-loaded handle that maximizes load and movement in each cut, ensuring your shear moves through the entirety of the object you’re cutting. These mechanisms also prevent hand strain due to repetitive cutting tasks. Manufacturers are outfitting shears with slip-proof handles to further reduce injuries in the kitchen. Handles are either made of plastic or rubber. While the former is fairly firm and non-pliable, the latter offers more comfort due to its relatively soft texture. These can be made in a variety of colors, and certain companies even use a handle color-coding to denote the type of shears. The stainless steel blades are available in serrated and straight options. A few companies offer the option of separating the blades and taking the shear apart for all-round cleaning and maintenance. Shear blades are corrosion-resistant due to the Chromium and Nickel-infused steel they use. Dedicated all-purpose, poultry, seafood and produce shears are offered to customers to meet varied kitchen needs. If you’re looking for a cost-effective yet quick and easy way to service your high-volume business, a kitchen shear is your tool of choice.