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Chop em’ Up!: High-grade Produce Knives for your Restaurant

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    Taste and presentation begin at the food prep stage and produce knives ensure that food prep at your kitchen is a straightforward process that creates a top-notch end product. Finding the right type of knife is not complicated, despite the several varieties and models to choose from. Understanding what you need is key to selecting the right type of produce knife. Blade lengths can vary based on brand, usage, and type. All blades are usually made of stainless steel that offers seamless corrosion resistance and guaranteed long-term use. Blade types can be different, and this also takes into account the type of produce they are operated on. While firm vegetables like potatoes, onions, and carrots can be dealt with by a straight edge, fruits and tomatoes, in addition to water-bearing vegetables, require a serrated blade to ensure clean cuts. Blades are also different based on style and shape. Handles too have a large amount of variety, with wood, plastic and rubber handles all being widely popular and a component of personal preference among chefs. The average produce knife is between three and eight inches long, and it’s important to make space for a dedicated storage area for these knives. Manufacturers might also offer whetting stones in addition to knives you purchase from them so that a blunt edge is never an issue that deters your kitchen from preparing quality food. Be sure to choose heavy-duty knives so that you never run out of quick and easy ways to serve your high-volume business.

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