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Steak Knives

Cut And Carve Steak Effortlessly: Purchase High-quality Steak Knives For Your Restaurant

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Vollrath 48143 Steak knife
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Vollrath 48140 Steak knife
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Vollrath 48147 Steak knife
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Vollrath 48144 Jumbo Plastic Handle Steak Knife
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Vollrath 48148 Steak knife
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Vollrath 48142 Steak knife
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Vollrath 48130 Steak knife
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Mercer Culinary Thunder Group Vollrath Browne USA Victorinox Alegacy Foodservice Products Dexter FMP Libertyware Winco Admiral Craft


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    Commercial steak knives are made from durable materials and can last a lifetime, although you will need to sharpen them occasionally. With high-quality steak knives, you can serve your patrons different types of meat efficiently. You can opt for steak knives that have plain or straight-edged blades. Steak knives come with varying options of handle like wood, plastic or polymer, and chrome. Wooden handle steak knives are aesthetically pleasing that look great in high-end restaurants or cafes. Polymer and chrome-based steak knives are also stylish and durable. Most steak knives have stamped blades that make them lighter than other types of commercial knives. Steakhouses and restaurants need high-quality steak knives to slice perfectly cooked steak. These knives come in cloth napkins that look elegant on tabletops. Perfect steak knives are sturdy, balanced, and sharp. Good steak knives should feel comfortable when held tightly. Opt for steak knives that provide a full tang grip; it is ideal for the safety and longevity of knives. You can also use steak knives to cut through thick vegetables, chicken, and fish. Most steak knives come with 4 inch to 6-inch blades for best performance. You can opt for wide blades or thin blades for your steak knives, depending upon your needs. For slicing and cutting chicken, you can opt for steak knives with thin blades, but for cutting steak you will need steak knives with thick blades.

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