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Mary G (Brownsville, Texas)
Great item...easy to use and keep clean.
Renee M (Atlanta, Georgia)
The waste container was ordered for commercial use. It is durable and fits well under cabinetry.
Fabulous addition to the diner. Well-liked by everybody. So many optional additions as well. I would gladly recommend this display case to others.
Vanessa Tripe
So many great features and extras included. This product is well worth the money. Highly recommended!
Beth Crosby
Great quality! Very durable and insulated. Keeps food at the right temp for most of the day! Love that I can stack containers in tightly so they do not spill.
Amelia Johnson
Excellent product. Stands up by itself and sits perfectly on the counter top. The arm is adjustable which makes it very easy and convenient to use for different things.
Jake Sporman
Very well-insulated and heavy-duty. Removable lid, shelf, handles, and drainage faucet make this very easy and convenient all around. Great purchase.
Michelle Roper
Great buy! Keeps food warm (or cold) for most of the day. Used for catering, but would also be great for bringing different foods to parties, picnics, etc.
Christina Simmons
Love my Carlisle Diablo Coffee Mug. The double-wall insulation keeps my coffee hotter longer, and I love that I can put it right in the dishwasher for an easy wash.
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