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Rosseto Bakery Display Cases

Increase Impulse Sales by Displaying Pastries with Rosseto Bakery Display Cases

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Provide an attractive view of freshly baked products with Rosseto bakery display cases! Some models have a dual-level design that ensures maximum space efficiency. These units have a crystal-clear acrylic construction that optimizes visibility from all angles. Depending on the model, these units have a brushed metal accent handle on each drawer, making it easy to open and close the case. In addition, these units have features like a single-bin, easy-access flip-up door, chrome-plated wire stand, and adjustable frosted trays. Some models have a laser-cut stainless steel frame with a polymer coating that holds up to the rigors of the commercial kitchen. In addition, they also have a stamped stainless steel base and brushed finish giving them an aesthetically pleasing look. Rosseto has been providing its customers with quality and top-notch design products. They are a brand you can trust to create a tabletop display that is useful and elegant. Check out CKitchen’s range of Rosseto bakery display cases designed to offer optimum versatility!