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Choosing the Right Display Case

Choosing the Right Display Case

Your profits are dependent on how you market your product, and how you display your products can make or break a sale. Display cases come in many options, and choosing the correct case for your restaurant is key to maximizing your potential profits!

Increase Customer Impulse Buys with Display Bins

Increase Customer Impulse Buys with Display Bins

While every restaurant or commercial eatery knows the importance of getting customers to come in, sit down, relax and enjoy the atmosphere, we also must not overlook another segment of business that has very low overhead and the possibility for an added revenue stream with high profitability.

Display Cases: A Hidden Money-Maker!

Display Cases: A Hidden Money-Maker!

When it comes to upgrading and updating your restaurant, your focus should be on money generation. A general rule of thumb to follow is that, while you will want to spend money to make money, you’ll want to spend the least amount possible while getting the most bang for your buck! Capitalizing on your current customers can be a great way to increase the cash flow of your restaurant, and an easy way to grab their attention is with an appropriate display case. Investing in display cases is a great way to increase revenue by tapping into impulse buys.

Commercial Food Display Cases FAQs

If you are starting a food business, make sure to buy commercial food display cases! Always keep one thing in mind – Expensive product won’t fulfil all your needs, rather go for a product that can actually benefit your business.

? What are commercial food display cases for?

A food display case is a piece of commercial kitchen equipment that allows you to merchandise and store your products at the same time. Your customers can view your offerings in a single place and these machines are also important tools to further impulse sales. They're available in refrigerated, heated, dual-temperature, and unrefrigerated or dry varieties. They're of special importance in convenience stores, concession stands, bakeries, delis, cafes and can also be used in restaurants.

? Which commercial bakery display cases are best suited for cafés and confectioneries?

Some of the most preferred display cases at cafes are refrigerated display cases, heated display cases, dry or unrefrigerated display cases, and countertop display cases.

?What are the food display cases best suited to concession stands?

The most popular display cases at concession stands include heated display cases, hot dog displays, pretzel displays, nacho boxes and holders, popcorn displays, and refrigerated display cases. Food display cases are essential solutions for every establishment looking to store and market their products directly. Choose from the best quality food display cases to reap the benefits of impulse sales.

?What food display cases do bakeries use for sale?

A bakery can merchandise its offerings with the following types of bakery display cases: dry & non-refrigerated display cases, heated display cases, and refrigerated display cases.

?How do refrigerated display cases work?

There are primarily two types of refrigerated cases: Gravity coil and Forced air. In forced-air display cases, fans circulate the cool air inside the display case. Forced-air display cases are mostly used for storing bakery foods and prepackaged products. You can store cakes, pastries, desserts, and other baked goods in forced-air display cases. A refrigeration coil is placed at the top of the refrigerated case in the gravity coil display case. The cool air drops down on the food products and prevents the food from drying out. Gravity coil display cases are ideal for storing raw meat, salads, seafood, and deli products.

?What is the difference between deli display cases and bakery display cases?

In deli display cases, you can store seafood, raw meat, pasta, cheese, coleslaw, salad, and deli meat. Deli display cases maintain a temperature of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Deli cases come equipped with multiple shelves and prevent the food items from freezing. You can also purchase single-shelf deli cases. Deli cases are mostly cheaper than bakery cases. Bakery cases are available with non-refrigerated and refrigerated options. Non-refrigerated display cases are also called dry display cases. You can store cupcakes, bread, and other baked foods stored at room temperature. Refrigerated bakery display cases use a forced-air cooling system. In a forced-air refrigeration system, cold air is circulated inside the display with the help of fans. In refrigerated bakery cases, you can store prepacked foods, pie, cake, danishes, pastries, and other desserts. The food can dry out in refrigerated display cases because of excess airflow. Refrigerated bakery cases are also costlier than deli cases and non-refrigerated cases.

? Different Types of Food Display Cabinets & Cases

Food display cases can be categorized as

Refrigerated display cases

Refrigerated display cases hold and merchandise all the products that must be kept at lower temperatures for preservation. They're available in large full-sized glass door display cases that can be used to merchandise goods at the supermarket, and as small countertop cases that can hold cold confections and chocolates.

Heated Display Cases

Heated display cases are ideal for storing prepared food. They keep the food warm for hours on end without any hassle and have efficient moisture control mechanisms to keep the food from drying out. Perfect for fast food stations, pizzerias, and restaurants, they're available in sizes ranging from wide cabinets to small countertop hot boxes designed to entice your customers.

Non-Refrigerated Display Cases

For establishments that see high-volume operations and need to hold both cold and hot food at the same time, non-refrigerated display cases are the ideal solution. They come equipped with adaptive thermostats that can adjust temperatures of both hot and cold sections of the display case, enabling you to hold a large variety of foods.

Dry & Unrefrigerated Display Cases

Perfect for storing bread, cookies, and pre-packaged food, non-refrigerated display cases keep offerings dry by keeping the moisture out.  also protect the food from dust and other pollutants that can damage the food.

Concession Stand Display Cases

Equipment like hot dog displays, nacho boxes, popcorn machines, pretzel boxes, and pizza display cases are perfect for concession stands. They're bound to make your stand a crowd-puller, ensuring you make the maximum amount of sales.


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Verified User William K (Seattle, WA)

5 Stars! This display case meets my expectations. It looks and works as described. The case itself looks beautiful. It's the best way to show off our deli items. We especially love that we're able to control the setting so the meats and products inside are held at just the right temp

Verified User Mason X (Philadelphia, PA)

This food warmer is fantastic. If only it had a bit more food holding space it would've been perfect for our needs. Other than that, it's amazing to have at our store

Verified User Grace R (Dallas, TX)

Very pleased with the warmer, looks and works as advertised. It's functional, compact and keep food warm all day. Provides plenty of storage room. The lighting is nice and bright. 5 STARS!

Verified User Rich C (kingston, Idaho)


Verified User chad p (Wyoming, Illinois)


Verified User Eric B (Gadsden, Alabama)

Great !!!

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