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Display Cases: A Hidden Money-Maker!

Display Cases: A Hidden Money-Maker!

When it comes to upgrading and updating your restaurant, your focus should be on money generation. A general rule of thumb to follow is that, while you will want to spend money to make money, you’ll want to spend the least amount possible while getting the most bang for your buck! Capitalizing on your current customers can be a great way to increase the cash flow of your restaurant, and an easy way to grab their attention is with an appropriate display case. Investing in display cases is a great way to increase revenue by tapping into impulse buys.

Consider this: humans in general are visual creatures, and we’re drawn to items that are visually attractive. For many restaurants, it’s hard to put a ‘face to the name’, so to speak - and many try to compensate for this by preparing a visual dessert tray, for instance, to try to suggestive sell desserts! Display cases are a great way to create a visual impact for your guests, but they also are easily-accessible for easy sales. There’s no need to go to the kitchen to prepare the items - they’re already there!

Display cases capitalize on the idea of impulse buying - that is, people tend to spend more money when there’s a cue for the impulse to do so. With display cases, customers can physically see the product to purchase (unlike ordering from a menu), and are more easily tempted to buy the item then and there, as they know exactly what they’re getting and that they can take it with them immediately.

Typically, the best way to reap the most benefit from a display case is to place it in a high-traffic area - preferably near the restaurant exit. Additionally, having a hostess stand with the capability for ringing sales is the key to tapping into those impulses, as an impulse quickly fades, and waiting for a hostess or cashier can be just the right amount of time to allow an impulse to pass.

Have labels and descriptions highly visible as well as prices so that the customer can make an impulse decision rather than having the time to consider whether or not they want the item while discussing these details with a hostess. The idea of a display case is simply to reach past interferences and tap into a snap decision based off of ‘feeling’.

The way to earn the loyalty of your customers is to ensure that the items in your display case that capitalize on impulses will later reassure the customer that they’ve made the right choice! The worst part about an impulse buy is finding later that you’re dissatisfied with your choice. This can lead to less impulse-buys down the road, which is not good for business.

Consistently rotate the stock in your display case and make sure all items are fresh. Ensure that items for display have a visual impact of some sort and aren’t all the same color or texture, as these are less appealing and may not garner the sales you’re looking for. Always make sure that your case is appropriate for the items you wish to display and that it is in line with health codes. There are a wide variety of cases available, so choose the right one for your needs!


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