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Refrigerated Display Cases

Refrigerated Display Cases Chill and Showcase Your Food Offerings For Increased Traffic and Profits

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Choosing the Right Display Case

Choosing the Right Display Case

Your profits are dependent on how you market your product, and how you display your products can make or break a sale. Display cases come in many options, and choosing the correct case for your restaurant is key to maximizing your potential profits!

Display Cases: A Hidden Money-Maker!

Display Cases: A Hidden Money-Maker!

When it comes to upgrading and updating your restaurant, your focus should be on money generation. A general rule of thumb to follow is that, while you will want to spend money to make money, you’ll want to spend the least amount possible while getting the most bang for your buck! Capitalizing on your current customers can be a great way to increase the cash flow of your restaurant, and an easy way to grab their attention is with an appropriate display case. Investing in display cases is a great way to increase revenue by tapping into impulse buys.

Glass Door Merchandisers for Beverages

Glass Door Merchandisers for Beverages

The appearance of your restaurant and the way you display items can impact your guests’ perceptions, so taking the time to invest in the way you present your products is key to completing your marketing! Glass door merchandisers can work well for front of house as well as for back of house storage in areas visible to the public.

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Refrigerated Display Cases Chill and Showcase Your Food Offerings For Increased Traffic and Profits

Refrigerated Display Cases For All Foods and Budgets

If you are looking for a way to keep food fresh for longer while maximizing sales, the refrigerated display case is the answer! Refrigerated display cases, otherwise known as refrigerated deli cases, refrigerated bakery display cases, or pastry display cases, are reliable food storage and merchandising solutions that allow you to put all of your food on display and held at ideal temperatures, ensuring freshness and lengthening the amount of time you can offer them to customers.

CKitchen has an unmatched selection of refrigerated food display cases for many types of businesses, including delis, bakeries, convenience stores, grocery stores, cafeterias, and many more foodservice operations that rely largely on merchandising.

Refrigerated display cases are extraordinarily versatile as they can hold a wide variety of products from deli meats and cheeses to prepackaged baked goods and beverages. They are vertical and therefore have fewer but longer storage shelves, making it easy for your customers to browse the entire spread of products arranged from front to back to make a proper selection.

There are a few things to consider before you commit to a certain style of refrigerated display case. One of which is the size of your shop is the first thing to consider when choosing a case; If you have a small deli or convenience store and are looking for a compact beverage display case, then you won’t need a large-scale island merchandiser, for example.

Types of Refrigerated Display Cases

You should also consider the products you'll need to refrigerate. For example, we have special meat, produce, and seafood display cases that will help keep these kinds of foods fresher for longer. Usually, refrigerated display cases come in either gravity coil or forced air refrigeration types. This is an important facet to consider in terms of food as well. Forced air circulates cool air throughout the unit — which may dry out food when used consistently — while gravity systems allow the air to drop down naturally via gravity.

Special units, including island display cases and curved glass display cases, are also available for specific configurations. We know it can be intimidating to find the right display case for your business, so we’re always on hand to help you find the style that's best for you. We also have nonrefrigerated bakery cases for freshly baked items and other merchandise that do not require temperature control.

CKitchen is home to thousands of products for all your foodservice needs including commercial refrigerators, freezers, prep tables, chef bases, ice machines, as well as cooking equipment such as ovens, ranges, fryers, and many more. We have a team of foodservice equipment consultants you can call or email for assistance or inquiries about our equipment.

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Refrigerated Display Cases Recent Reviews

Verified User Ethan S (Phoenix, AZ)

Great investment for any establishment. Does its job well. Amazing design. Excellent value for the money.

Verified User Aria R (Burlington, VT)

Excellent piece of equipment. It is well-built and looks great.

Verified User Luis Felipe M (Wesley Chapel, FL)

Good experience

Verified User RAUL V (Hialeah, FL)

The product is used in a convenience store.

Verified User Noah B (Houston, TX)

Amazing display case. Pretty amazing for the price. LED lighting, glass on the sides and front, which is curved that makes it extra gorgeous. Also some stainless steel for added toughness. Love it

Verified User Sophia H (Los Angeles, CA)

We immediately set this refrigerated display up, no fuss, no issues. It was working as expected. It's beautiful and just the right size for us. Love the curved glass, everything is in view at all times

Verified User Nora S (Miami, FL)

Bright and eye-catching display case. It really helps us sell many of our food items to guests. Especially love the glass on all sides, our products can be viewed immediately from any angle. Been really effective in attracting more sales

Verified User Avery U (New York, NY)

The display case is exactly as described and as pictured. Great having it around the store. It also appears to be very easy maintenance, which is a big plus for us. Food looks great and stays fresh

Verified User Mason A (Atlanta, GA)

High quality display case. Love the glass doors. They are durable and also look really nice. It really makes the deli look better as well as the items on display

Verified User Wyatt H (Denver, CO)

Amazing display case. The temperature stays consistent even when it gets extremely hot in our area. Makes it highly reliable during the summer. The sushi stays fresh and delicious. Fully recommend the unit!

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Refrigerated Display Cases
Refrigerated Display Cases
Refrigerated Display Cases
Refrigerated Display Cases
Refrigerated Display Cases
Refrigerated Display Cases
Refrigerated Display Cases
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