Libertyware Commercial Cheese Cutter And Graters

Prepare Any Type of Cheese For Cooking or Serving Using Commercial Cheese Cutter And Graters

Libertyware SSG4 Grater
Libertyware SSG4 Grater
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Libertyware SSG1 Grater
Libertyware SSG1 Grater
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Top-Quality Commercial Cheese Graters and Cheese Cutters

Cheese is in many popular foods and you'll find that it is incorporated in most menus. And if one of those menus is yours, whether you run a commercial kitchen whether it is a pizzeria or fine dining restaurant, you would want to be able to cut and shred cheeses in large amounts as quickly as possible without losing quality. Whether you want finely grate cheese or just thin slices, our commercial cheese grates and cheese cutters won't let you down.

Essentially heavy-duty versions of the humble units used at home, commercial cheese graters and cheese cutters are valuable kitchen tools built for consistent processing of cheese. Just as there are different types of cheeses, there are also different types of cheese shredders and cheese cutters. There are units specifically made to process soft cheese as the task can get sticky and messy, and could lead to wasting good cheese if not done with the right cheese grater.

The good old fashioned box graters or shredders are versatile kinds that can be used to make grated cheese out of both soft and hard cheese. These graters usually have up to six grating surfaces each with unique thickness so that you can get the size and the texture of the cheese your menu items require.

There are lots of options for Parmesan cheese and other types of hard cheese, such as a cheese plane ideal for getting those thin cheese slices for sandwiches or a rotary cheese grater that hold and shred a block of cheese using a rotating blade. Larger cheese grater machines are equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel drums that can go through hundreds of pounds of hard cheese per hour. If you will be working with lots of semi-hard cheese instead, you'll find rolling cheese graters are perfect for the job.

CKitchen has a diverse selection of high-quality commercial cheese graters and cheese cutters from trusted brands like Browne USA and Victorinox. These products are built to last so you can get long years of reliable use. If you are having trouble choosing your next cheese grater or cutter, CKitchen has a team of foodservice consultants who can provide you assistance.

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