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Durable Commercial Food Processors for Fast-Paced Kitchens

Salads, soups, sandwiches, sauces: It truly doesn’t matter what’s on the menu, commercial food processing equipment is on hand to help you whip it up, even when you’re facing the most fast-paced dinner rushes and hungry mobs. CKitchen is here to help you find the best commercial food processor for your specific needs. Whether you need something heavy-duty yet portable or something that’s a lifelong workhorse, you’ll find an industrial food processor for your needs here. Shop investment-worthy food processors by Hobart, Robot Coupe, Univex, Berkel and more.

Which Commercial Food Processor Should I Buy?

There are several things to consider when shopping for your food processor. Commercial environments vary greatly based on need and budget, so finding the right type is key. The first kind of food processor to consider is the batch bowl food processor, which features a large bowl that catches the processed food. The nice thing about these processors is that they’re self-contained — you don’t need an extra bowl — and are great for batch processing and prepping for catering, dinner rushes and more.

On the other hand, continuous feed food processors require you to constantly feed food into the unit, which is then dispensed into a separate bowl. This can make it faster to batch process because you don’t have to stop to remove the bowl as often and can have food shoot directly into a larger container. Finally, the food cutter with hub is a good choice for anyone looking for a heavy-duty food processor that’s versatile enough for quickly cutting veggies, grounding meat and slicing foods, as these kinds of cutters allow for many attachments.

Unsure which one will give you the most bang for your buck or which one best suits your commercial cooking needs? Fear not! CKitchen.com can always provide purchasing advice if you contact us.
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