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Commercial Planetary Mixers Are Versatile Food Prep Machines That Can Mix Dough, Icing, Batter, and More

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Reliable Planetary Mixers: For Faster, Consistent Food Prep

Commercial planetary mixers, which are sometimes called vertical mixers or stand mixers, are powerful tools used in commercial kitchens that produce bread dough to create delicious baked goods including cakes, cookies, pastries, pizza, and more on a daily basis. 

A planetary mixer is designed to mix dough and does so with the use of an agitator that rotates on the inside of the stationary bowl, which inspired the name. While its counterpart, the spiral mixer, is specifically designed for one thing, planetary mixers are engineered for versatility, packing many functionalities into a single piece of equipment to handle any mixing need that each day will bring.

Planetary mixers are available with additional attachments ranging from dough hooks, whisks, mixing paddles, pastry knives, and flat beaters to give you the ability to mix other products. With the right attachment, you will also be able to create a batter, whipped cream, icing, meringue, pudding, and many more. Some accessories even allow you to slice vegetables and grind meat. 

Planetary mixers come with multiple operating speeds in order to achieve the right consistency for an array of ingredients. Belt-driven mixers allow you to switch speeds during mixing, giving you more flexibility to get more tailored results. They also cost lower to maintain but are susceptible to slips, which reduces the velocity ratio. This won’t be a problem with gear-driven planetary mixers. While they have fixed speeds and are unable to switch speeds on the fly, they are able to mix denser and thicker ingredients much more easily. They also have better power transfer and last longer and will not slip as a belt can, offering better velocity in the long run.

Planetary mixers allow you to manually or automatically lift the upper components to provide access to the bowl before and after mixing. As a safety precaution, mixers have bowl guards that prevent the hands of the user, their clothes, or any other foreign objects from entering the bowl or coming into contact with the agitator.

Available in both countertop and freestanding configurations, planetary mixers will provide a lot of value for money to operators looking to get more done in a single space. They come in a range of capacities and horsepower to support both small and high-volume applications. If you are mixing large quantities of dough or thicker types such as pizza dough,  make sure to choose a planetary mixer with higher horsepower. Commercial-grade units come with stainless steel construction to prevent rust and last long in a tough, busy environment.

CKitchen has a large collection of foodservice equipment and supplies from the top manufacturers in the industry. We have the lowest prices guaranteed with free shipping so you can build a functional kitchen without going over your budget. If you need any help in choosing a commercial mixer for your business, give us a call so one of our trained foodservice equipment consultants can provide the assistance you need.


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