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Commercial High Chairs

Create A Space and Comfortable Dining Space For Families By Adding High Chairs

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    High Chairs: Safer And More Comfortable Dining For Children

    If you run a family restaurant or any foodservice establishment frequented by parents and children, high chairs will be an essential addition to your dining area.

    High chairs, sometimes called booster seats, help make the dining experience more comfortable for both adults and younger kids. These are pieces of furniture with a single purpose, which is to safely and comfortably sit toddlers or older babies at the dining table so that they are at a height that makes it easier for parents or any person of adult height to feed them. 

    While high chairs won't support a lot of weight, they still need to be stable and sturdy in order for optimal safety. They have a large wide back that supports the child from the back and helps them sit up properly while providing enough breathability for increased comfort.

    High chairs have unique design elements intended to protect the child from all sides. High chairs also feature a wide base to prevent them from tipping over. The base stands to almost the height of the back so that it creates a barricade that surrounds the child. The front even comes with a T-bar for added protection. For maximum safety, there is usually a durable harness with straps that very securely fasten the toddlers to the chair and ensure that they stay safely inside the seat even when they move. The front also typically features a convenient removable tray that is easy to clean.

    High chairs also have to be lightweight so they are easy to carry and move and put away in storage easily retrievable when customers request for them. Some high chairs are even stackable so that they won't take up a lot of space in your restaurant when not in use.

    High chairs available on CKitchen are built for quality, durability, and style. These units use beautiful hardwood with various finishes to suit your restaurant. Whether you are going for a rustic look or a modern design, these high chairs can seamlessly integrate into most dining rooms. They are quick and easy to maintain so you can maximize their life and keep them performing well for long years. Choose from a range of heights to cater to your customers. 

    CKitchen is committed to providing the best foodservice equipment and supplies at the lowest prices guaranteed complete with free shipping to meet the needs of operations of all scales and budgets. If you need any assistance during your shopping, our foodservice equipment consultants will be more than happy to help you via phone call.

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