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Commercial Laminate Table Tops

Laminate Table Tops Are Durable And Versatile Furnishings For Your Restaurants and Bars

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Falcon TT2424OW Reversible Table Top
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Falcon TT24OW Reversible Table Top
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Falcon TT2430OW Reversible Table Top
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Falcon TT30OW Reversible Table Top
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Falcon TT2442OW Reversible Table Top
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Falcon TT3030OW Reversible Table Top
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Falcon TT3042OW Reversible Table Top
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Falcon TT36OW Reversible Table Top
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Popular Brands for Commercial Laminate Table Tops

Falcon Florida Seating BFM Forbes Industries Grosfillex Maywood Furniture Flash Furniture
Falcon TT3048OW Reversible Table Top
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Falcon TT3636OW Reversible Table Top
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Falcon TT48OW Reversible Table Top
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Falcon TT60OW Reversible Table Top
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    The Best Laminate Tabletops For You

    Laminate tabletops are durable and versatile furnishing solutions fit for foodservice use. Whether you run a bar or a restaurant, a laminate tabletop will be a great addition to any dining space or front-of-house. They offer a lot of value and are very affordable, which is why they are a go-to for many operators looking to build a beautiful indoor or outdoor space for their guests.

    Laminate tabletops are made of a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or particle board that is usually an inch or more in thickness. These are perfect for laminating because they are extremely flat. This means there will be no unsightly lumps that will make for an uneven, rough, and uncomfortable tabletop. The edges of these materials can also add to the overall look of laminate tabletops, although there are a few edging options like vinyl T mold or PVC to create a more seamless appearance.

    The surface is a thin layer of sheet cut from laminate, which is known for its durable and heavy-duty properties. They are typically moisture and scratch-resistant to keep up with the needs of a commercial foodservice operation.

    This unique material opens up a world of opportunities for design as it is available in a wide array of colors and patterns and able to replicate much more expensive material in order to perfectly match your concept while keeping you under budget.

    Laminate table tops offer a convenient and economical way to introduce an elegant or rustic element to your space with its wood and marble-like finishes. The smooth surface will take no time to clean in between uses so you can make sure that they are sanitary for your guests to use.

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