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Padded Table Tops

Promote A More Comfortable Atmosphere For Your Guests With Our Padded Tabletops

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    Durable, High-Quality Padded Tabletops

    Padded tabletops are unique tabletops that do not just simply offer a comfortable surface for dining but also allows operators to reduce the noise made by glasses and dishware. This is a simple adjustment that can go a long way in creating a comfortable and undisrupted atmosphere in the dining room.

    The padded tabletops absorb the blow so that no clinking sound is made when plates, glasses, and other items are placed on the table. The padding serves as a cushion for your dinnerware and glassware, which means there is less risk of scratching or denting them, which helps prolong their usable life and preserve their beautiful appearance.

    Padded tabletops also have a protective layer that guards against damage from spills and other hazards. The edge is not as sharp so they are more comfortable for users that scoot over to the tables. Even then, padded tabletops can be used in most spaces, not just your dining area, so they can be very versatile and offer true value for your money.

    Padded tables from CKitchen not only help you make your restaurant look its best, but also provide a functional purpose that can improve your day to day operations. These table tops have a dependable build that guarantees long years of reliable use.

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