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Wood Tabletops: Form and Function

Wood is the material that most designers use to create a clean, fresh, and professional space. Wood simply lends itself to a variety of applications and it does a good job in all of them. A great application of wood is through tabletops because apart from the visual appeal, you can actually get lots of functionality to create a pleasant, comfortable, and picture-perfect space that your guests will truly love.

Wood tabletops with solid wood will always give you the option to refinish. With just good old fashioned sanding after every few years, you can breathe new life to products that you have in your space for years, even with daily use. This is a feature that no other types of tabletops offer, making them a great value for money even though they can be more expensive than their laminate counterparts, which can replicate the look of wood and other materials for a much cheaper price. 

Wood tabletops are very versatile and attractive so it is easy to see why they are used in a variety of ways--in coffee tables, kitchen islands, desk tops, and many more. There are various types of woods that you can choose from, each literally bringing its own unique charm, style, and usability to the table.

Some woods stain more than others, which means a greater selection of finishes. Some have better refinishing abilities than others and will hold up better to damage. Whether you are looking for that natural vibe or going for something for upscale, you've got amazing options with wood tabletops.

There are composite wood table tops that combine wood with other materials to create a more flexible product that captures the strength of both. Most composite wood tabletops you will find are mixed with resin, which makes them much easier to maintain. They retain the look of the wood, but they are able to last much longer and are more durable.

CKitchen has an impressive line of beautifully made, high-quality wood tabletops from leading brands in the commercial furniture market. You can choose from a myriad of styles and colors to find that perfect piece that will tie your space together. We also carry a wide catalog of foodservice equipment and supplies from some of the most trusted brands in the industry.

Get the lowest prices guaranteed and free shipping so you can build a space that exceeds your expectations without going over your budget. Need any assistance in finding the best products for your business? Don't hesitate to give us a call and one of our trained food service equipment consultants will happily assist you.

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