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    Bar Mats and Shelf Liners: Convenient Upgrade

    Bar mats and shelf liners are an economical way to improve many facets of your bar. Shelf liners keep your counters, cabinets, shelves, and drawers pristine by preventing water stains and unsightly rings from forming. These stains are the result of storing wet glasses or bottles and jars for extended periods.

    With your cabinets and counters well protected, maintenance, repairs, and replacements will be a more infrequent affair. Bar mats and shelf liners make everything easy to wipe clean, and so maintaining many parts of your establishment will take less effort. 

    Rubber bar mats also have padding to absorb the sound when placing and arranging wares and keep them from sliding around, making your cabinet and shelves more organized. At the same time, there is a lesser risk of your wares scratching the surfaces when your staff rushes to place and retrieve wares as the establishment gets busier. There are also adhesive shelf liners that stay in place so that you won't have to adjust it or accidentally pull it when grabbing glasses.

    Bar liners are available in a wide range of materials as well as colors and patterns, so they can also provide an added pop of color or complement your space. Check out our amazing collection of bar shelf liners from industry-leading brands and you'll be sure to find what you need for your bar. CKitchen also has a large collection of bar equipment and supplies all at the lowest prices guaranteed and free shipping. If you need any assistance during your shipping, let us know via email or call so our foodservice equipment consultants can help you.

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