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Cambro Eagle Quantum


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Eagle Mobile Security Shelving Units are versatile and durable storage solutions that are perfect for a wide range of industries. They feature open wire construction with 2" x 2" mesh panels that allow for air circulation and easy visibility of stored items. This construction also makes the shelving units easy to clean and maintain. The units come with two doors that have hasps for padlocks, providing secure storage for valuable or sensitive items. Additionally, they are available with two different finishes to suit different environments. The EAGLEgard® hybrid epoxy finish with MICROGARD® antimicrobial protection is ideal for environments where hygiene is a top priority. For areas where cleanliness is less of a concern, a stainless steel finish is available. The shelving units are designed for mobility, with two swivel and two swivel/brake 5" stem casters with poly tread. This makes them easy to move around as needed, and the brakes ensure that they stay in place when required. The units are also KD (knocked down) for easy assembly, and they are NSF certified for food safety. Eagle Mobile Security Shelving Units are a durable and versatile storage solution that can be customized to suit different needs. Check out CKitchen, a leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment and supplies to find the unit that suits best your requirements.