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John Boos ST4R1.5-L3060SSK Work Table

SKU#: ST4R1.5-L3060SSK
John Boos ST4R1.5-L3060SSK Work Table
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John Boos ST4R1.5-L3060SSK Specifications

BrandJohn Boos
Gauge14 Gauge
Width (in)60.00
Height (in)37.25
Depth (in)30.00

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John Boos ST4R1.5-L3060SSK Certifications



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John Boos ST4R1.5-L3060SSK Description

Work Table, L-shaped, 60"W x 60"D x 37-1/4"H overall size, 30" working depth, 14/300 stainless steel top with 1-1/2" H rear up-turn, with Stallion Safety Edge front, 90° turndown on sides, stainless steel legs & adjustable undershelf, adjustable bullet feet, KD, NSF

Options for John Boos ST4R1.5-L3060SSK

Drop-in sinks
Size modifications
What is included
  • Note: Note: Longest side can not exceed 144" & shortest side can not exceed 87". When shortest side exceeds 87", welded field joint required.

John Boos ST4R1.5-L3060SSK Accessories

John Boos X-0411D Side 1 X-0411D
John Boos X-0411E Side 2 X-0411E
John Boos X-CUT02 Scrap Hole Cutout X-CUT02
John Boos SD-1LF Sound Deadening SD-1LF
John Boos X-0208B Control Panel Apron X-0208B
John Boos PB-DWBA Dipper Well PB-DWBA
John Boos PBF-DWF-G Dipper Well Faucet PBF-DWF-G
John Boos URN12 Urn Trough URN12
John Boos URN18 Urn Trough URN18
John Boos URN24 Urn Trough URN24
John Boos URN36 Urn Trough URN36
John Boos URN48 Urn Trough URN48
John Boos URN4-12-W Urn Trough weld-in URN4-12-W
John Boos URN4-18-W Urn Trough weld-in URN4-18-W
John Boos URN4-24-W Urn Trough weld-in URN4-24-W
John Boos URN4-36-W Urn Trough weld-in URN4-36-W
John Boos URN4-48-W Urn Trough weld-in URN4-48-W
John Boos URN4-60-W Urn Trough weld-in URN4-60-W
John Boos URN4-72-W Urn Trough weld-in URN4-72-W
John Boos URN6-12-W Urn Trough weld-in URN6-12-W
John Boos URN6-18-W Urn Trough weld-in URN6-18-W
John Boos URN6-24-W Urn Trough weld-in URN6-24-W
John Boos URN6-36-W Urn Trough weld-in URN6-36-W
John Boos URN6-48-W Urn Trough weld-in URN6-48-W
John Boos URN6-60-W Urn Trough weld-in URN6-60-W
John Boos URN6-72-W Urn Trough weld-in URN6-72-W
John Boos PB-DIIB1218 Ice Bin PB-DIIB1218
John Boos PB-DIIB2218 Ice Bin PB-DIIB2218
John Boos PB-DIIB2818 Ice Bin PB-DIIB2818
John Boos PB-DIIB2820CP10 Ice Bin PB-DIIB2820CP10
John Boos PB-DIIB3418 Ice Bin PB-DIIB3418
John Boos PB-DIIB3420CP10 Ice Bin PB-DIIB3420CP10
John Boos PB-DIIBWS1821 Ice & Water Unit PB-DIIBWS1821
John Boos PB-DIIBWS1821-P Ice & Water Unit PB-DIIBWS1821-P
John Boos PB-DIIBWS2118 Ice & Water Unit PB-DIIBWS2118
John Boos PB-DIIBWS2118-P Ice & Water Unit PB-DIIBWS2118-P
John Boos CUT1014084 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1014084
John Boos CUT1014104 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1014104
John Boos CUT1618124 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1618124
John Boos CUT1618144 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1618144
John Boos CUT1620124 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1620124
John Boos CUT1620144 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1620144
John Boos CUT1818124 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1818124
John Boos CUT1818144 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1818144
John Boos CUT1824124 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1824124
John Boos CUT1824144 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1824144
John Boos CUT2020084 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT2020084
John Boos CUT2020124 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT2020124
John Boos CUT2020144 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT2020144
John Boos CUTCSB18 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUTCSB18
John Boos CUTCSB30 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUTCSB30
John Boos BUNPR Bun Pan Rack BUNPR
John Boos DP2015-S30 Drawer DP2015-S30
John Boos DR2015-S30 Drawer DR2015-S30
John Boos DR2015SC-S30 Drawer DR2015SC-S30
John Boos DR2015SCL-S30 Drawer DR2015SCL-S30
John Boos DP2020-S30 Drawer DP2020-S30
John Boos DR2020-S30 Drawer DR2020-S30
John Boos DR2020SC-S30 Drawer DR2020SC-S30
John Boos DR2020SCL-S30 Drawer DR2020SCL-S30
John Boos D11 Drawer Unit D11
John Boos LH01 Lug Holder LH01
John Boos LH03 Lug Holder LH03
John Boos CAS01-R Casters CAS01-R
John Boos CAS05H Flange Feet CAS05H
John Boos OSE16FK-1260 Overshelf OSE16FK-1260
John Boos OSE16RK-1260 Overshelf OSE16RK-1260
John Boos OSE26FK-1260 Overshelf OSE26FK-1260
John Boos OSE26RK-1260 Overshelf OSE26RK-1260
John Boos OSE16FK-1860 Overshelf OSE16FK-1860
John Boos OSE16RK-1860 Overshelf OSE16RK-1860
John Boos OSE26FK-1860 Overshelf OSE26FK-1860
John Boos OSE26RK-1860 Overshelf OSE26RK-1860
John Boos PRB02 Pot Rack PRB02
John Boos PRB02-C Pot Rack PRB02-C
John Boos PRTC2 Pot Rack PRTC2
John Boos PRTC2-C Pot Rack PRTC2-C
John Boos PRS2 Pot Rack PRS2
John Boos PRS2-C Pot Rack PRS2-C
John Boos PRD2 Pot Rack PRD2
John Boos PRD2-C Pot Rack PRD2-C
John Boos X-2201J 30" left end splash X-2201J
John Boos X-2201I 30" right end splash X-2201I
John Boos X-0413H Mitered Edge X-0413H
John Boos SD-1PD Sound Deadening Pads SD-1PD
John Boos X-0208C Punch X-0208C
John Boos X-0215A Can Opener Provision X-0215A
John Boos X-0216A Field Joint Provision X-0216A
John Boos X-0413D Shop Splice (modification) X-0413D
John Boos X-0213E Step-down top X-0213E
John Boos BUNPR-V Tray Rack Slide BUNPR-V
John Boos X-0208D Glass Rack Slide X-0208D
John Boos X-0208A1 Plumbing Cutout X-0208A1
John Boos X-0460A Single Overshelf X-0460A
John Boos X-0460AA Single Overshelf X-0460AA
John Boos SCRAP-BLOCK-5.75 Scrap Block SCRAP-BLOCK-5.75

John Boos ST4R1.5-L3060SSK Parts

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John Boos ST4R1.5-L3060SSK Work Table
ST4R1.5-L3060SSK Work Table
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