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A Guide to Choosing Commercial Shelving

There are three primary types of shelving units, but keep in mind that accessory shelving (like undercounter shelving storage areas for stainless steel tables, for instance) are also available as an accessory to the primary product. 

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A Guide to Choosing Stainless Steel Tables

The gauge of your stainless steel basically describes the thickness and, thus, durability of the steel itself; the lower the gauge, the thicker the steel! 

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Setting Tables for Success

Like decorating a house, table settings enhance the aesthetics of the location while serving a pragmatic purpose.

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Choosing Tabletops

Restaurant aesthetics should be both attractive and pragmatic. In fact, a well-designed restaurant will take both of these aspects into consideration. While many look at ‘the bigger picture’, every small detail contributes to the overall aesthetics of the restaurant. Tabletops are just one of the smaller details that need to be considered, as they’ll see a lot of ‘wear and tear’, and your customers will be looking right at them for the duration of their meal.

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Shelving Shakedown!

Your kitchen setup truly isn’t complete until you’ve invested some effort into well-placed and carefully-selected shelving units.

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Tables & Shelving Recent Reviews
Orrin L (Bayfield, Wisconsin)
I have used Eagle tables to mount the animal exposure chamber I manufacture for several years.
Jim B (Johnson City, Tennessee)
excellent service and quick delivery
Romero P (Almao, New Mexico)
Usage of item purchased
Romero P (Almao, New Mexico)
Usage of item purchased
Dave C (Sprakers, New York)
The stand fits perfectly with the Convention steamer.
Tina B (Hammond, Indiana)
we have two of them
Tina B (Hammond, Indiana)
Great cabinet
Derek Y (Apex, North Carolina)
The table is sturdy and holds up great. This will work perfectly for our needs.
Amanda R (Capitan, New Mexico)
We use it in our cafeteria.
Dean D (Poolesville, Maryland)
A metro-style unit that marries ample food preparation space with extensive storage. Homeowners intending to use this as a baker's rack should be aware that the upper shelving is 14"" deep
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