Commercial Work Tables and Shelving

Commercial Work Tables and Shelving

Commercial Work Tables and Shelving - Outfitting Commercial Kitchens with Worktops and Space-Saving Solutions

Any commercial kitchen is incomplete without a proper workspace for the staff to prepare orders. This workspace can be created on countertops or dedicated work tables. Kitchen essentials and equipment need to be organized, so proper shelving is another important part of creating a smoothly functioning kitchen. Commercial work tables and shelving are available in a variety of sizes and heights that can be easily mixed and matched to create an ideal workspace for your kitchen staff. There are a number of brands in the kitchen equipment market today, so you can choose from a wide selection of work tables and shelves to best fit your budget and space requirements.

Kitchen work tables and prep tables help you to prepare orders by providing a dedicated space for cutting and chopping, mixing ingredients, and plating the finished product before it is ready to be served. These tables are in use constantly when your kitchen is open, so it is a good idea to invest in solidly built and reliable equipment. When it comes to storage, you can never have too much. It is imperative that you have a decent amount of space for your essentials and equipment in the kitchen. Wire shelving and track shelving units are a good way of increasing storage space, keeping your kitchen organized, and increasing productivity. Installing shelving in your kitchen will ensure that it has a smooth workflow and often-used ingredients are within an arm’s reach of the prep staff.

? Where do commercial work tables and shelving come in most handy?

Commercial work tables and shelving form the backbone of any fast-paced and efficient kitchen. These provide your staff members with a dedicated workspace and storage area to optimize the rate at which food comes out of the kitchen.

A great way of looking at this is organization - dedicated spaces for work and storage enable your workers to quickly grab and use essential items. This makes food preparation a breeze.

? What Does the ADA Mandate for a Commercial Kitchen?

The primary aim of the Americans with Disabilities Act - ADA, is to enable workers with disabilities to access and use the kitchen premises, and patrons to access your establishment with comfort and ease. You can look at the guidelines governing commercial kitchens and design your layout in such a way that everything is accessible to workers and patrons with disabilities.

The act was established by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2010 to enable persons with disabilities to have the same rights and protections as people without disabilities. This especially encompasses ease of access to the premises and a well-designed kitchen area that does not hinder your disabled staff members or customers in any way.

? How are Commercial Workspaces and Shelving different from their Residential Counterparts?

Commercial work tables and shelving are designed with the rigors of a busy kitchen in mind. While a residential kitchen is used for a few hours every day at most, commercial kitchens are busy for the entire time the restaurant is open. This is especially true for establishments that are open for long hours during the day.

This necessitates heavy-duty work equipment that can be used for hours every day and withstand the pressure of long-term usage. While residential shelving is more modular in nature to keep often-used ingredients and condiments hidden out of sight, commercial shelving has the goal of efficiency in mind and provides ease of access to these items.

? How Much Do Commercial Work Tables and Shelving Cost?

Similar to most kitchen accessories and essentials, the prices for commercial work tables and shelving vary according to brand reputation, build quality, and size. Economy models are available for startups looking to dip their toes in untreaded waters, while having a bigger budget means that you can purchase models that are larger in size, sturdier, and are made out of premium materials.

The premium you pay on these models means that you get units with better warranties and better durability than budget models.

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The product is for a hospital kitchen & came thru exactly as advertised.