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    The Best Popcorn Carts For Your Popcorn Machines

    Popcorn carts and popcorn stands offer an excellent way to merchandise your popcorn to customers. They come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can build a popcorn station that suits your exact needs.

    Many popcorn carts resemble the vintage design of the early popcorn machines, which were essentially pushcart popcorn trolleys that had large wheels and eye-catching red and gold color scheme paired with ornate writing for added merchandising to match that timeless style. These units will not fail to take your customers back to the time when popcorn hit the streets. These products are so beautiful that the popcorn trolley is the centerpiece, decor, and attraction in itself.

    There are also pedestal bases that translate this classic design for indoor use without the wheels. These are perfect placement in movie theaters and concession stands and are sure to catch the eye of many customers. If you simply wish to prop up your popcorn machine for easy access or simply don't have a space on your counter for it, you can also go with simple stainless steel bases, which are durable and made to last.

    Apart from popcorn carts, we have a great selection of popcorn machines here on CKitchen, all boasting stellar performance and quality. These commercial popcorn makers come with rust-resistant stainless steel kettles for where the kernels, oil, and salt turn into the scrumptious snack foods right before your customers' eyes. The heat lamp keeps the popcorn warm and fresh so you always have delicious popcorn at the ready for your customers at any time of the day.

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