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Buy With Confidence

We carry only prequalified mid to high level quality items. 
As your industry experts, we are very selective with the items we present to you. Value alone is not our sole criteria. Products need to have the proper certifications and be consistently reliable. After all, what is the use of saving money if you are buying a headache. Even after a brand passes our initial quality control, we continue to monitor them. Any product line that seems to be giving our customers problems is immediately removed. 

FREE Extras
We offer free extras whenever possible. 
For instance, our walk in refrigeration brand Kolpak, includes a s/s wide Performer door ($800 value) at no charge and you get a free $250 wide door and kick-plate with Masterbilt and Norlake boxes. (We felt that the standard 26" door was insufficient and would get beat up with hand truck traffic). Almost all of our ice machines come with some sort of quality filter deal (Branded water filters can reduce ice machine service calls by 60% so we want you to have them). We also include 2 year extended warranties when we can (check individual items). 
Whenever we control the freight, we try and include at no additional charge,  Air-shock truck delivery with low-cost liftgate and added freight insurance. Our goal is to get your items to you in perfect condition.

Newest Equipment
Products regularly undergo improvements. In some cases, there are mandatory changes that are required. You can rest assured that all items (except for our closeouts) are factory fresh and up to date.

Delivery Speed
We endeavor not to list items with an excessive delivery time. Our Manitowoc, Ice-o-Matic and Scotsman ice machines are delivered faster than most because our units are housed in strategic locations across the country. 

Advantages of slightly more expensive but higher quality equipment: 
A) Less likely to break down and cause a loss of business. 
B) If it does require service, it will likely have a responsive service department with parts readily available.
C) They are generally more energy efficient. 
D) These items are well known and have a much higher resale value.

Note about used equipment:
Unlike a car, there is no odometer on food service equipment. Unless you know the item came from a relatively new establishment, you won't know how old it is or how well it was maintained. Ask to see the original invoice to establish the purchase date. What kind of warranty does it come with? Are parts and service still available? One unexpected service call and disruption of business can eliminate the used price advantage. Many older items are not up to current code. So if you for instance purchase a refrigerator with outdated freon, the freon will need to be evacuated and replaced during a service call at great expense. Additionally, many older models are not as energy efficient as the newer ones. Newer models can pay for themselves with the energy savings.
With all the money and energy you put into your business, consider that an ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure.
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