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Made/Assembled In USA



Made/Assembled In USA


Besides being well made with readily available parts and service, products that are either made or assembled in the United States offer significant and immediate economic benefits. Let's say you can save 20% on an imported product, but the value stops there. On the other hand, if your monies are spent on domestically produced products, they end up in the hands of American employees. These employees pay taxes that help pay for our infrastructure and they spend monies locally that will increase employment and prosperity, thus producing even more taxes. The final result is that not only can we say "what goes around comes around", but that over 30% of your purchase will end up paying for our military, street lamps, roads and the poor. Now "that's a really good deal".

Disclaimer: The information we provide was accurate at time of publishing. While we endeavor to keep our information up to date, product origination can change at any time.

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