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Cres Cor Banquet Carts and Heated Banquet Cabinets

Outfit Your Foodservice Business with Cres Cor Banquet Carts and Heated Banquet Cabinets To Have High Volumes of Food Hot and Ready For Transport

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Cres Cor banquet carts and heated banquet cabinets retain the temperature of pre-cooked meals for several hours. Cres Cor's product line includes meal tray delivery cabinets, Queen Mary carts, and heated banquet cabinets. Queen Mary cart models are available in 61" and 62" widths with 4, 5, or 6 shelves. They have a welded aluminum construction for strength and durability. The meal tray delivery cabinets have a non-insulated case with a Hi-Tensile aluminum frame. They feature extruded angle ledge pans, 270° swing doors, and gravity-type latches. They are capable of holding 10, 12, and 20 pans. Heated banquet cabinets are fully insulated and can hold 64 to 120 11", 12", and 13" plated covered meals. They can swiftly heat food to 200° F to keep it hot for an extended period. Additionally, CKitchen supplies an outstanding selection of innovative Cres Cor dish dispensers, carving stations, refrigerated holding cabinets, and proofing cabinets for storing and warming food.